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About me: I'm a New Englander in a long line of New Englanders, currently between jobs and countries, though I hope to return to Turkey, where I lived previously.

I first came to this encyclopedia as a PFY so many years back, in order to contribute information about the area I hail from Western Massachusetts (I created that article actually) and New England in general. After a roughly six year hiatus, I returned, originally with the goal of contributing information about the area I lived in Daegu, Korea. Back in the USA from Antep, I mostly just do random stuff as it strikes me and occasionally attempt to to improve/maintain pages on my watchlist.

I consider myself a Wikimedian, rather than a Wikipedian, and even though this is my oldest and most active account, I consider the Commons, where I'm active, Wikivoyage and Wikibooks, where I'm intermittently active, and Wiktionary, where I have my second-oldest account; to be as much my home wikis as EN:WP.

As for my contributions to Wikipedia:

  • I obey the Wikipedia WP:TRIFECTA
  • If I wanted to write an article by myself I wouldn't post it on Wikipedia.
  • Everything I post is imperfect. I joined Wikipedia when WP:UNDONE was still under consideration as a policy. And I still support and follow it.
  • Wikipedia is not my life, and I edit things when and if I damn well please.
  • But yes people like being needed and if there's something you think I can help you with, please ask.

My projects[edit]

My projects, here an on other wikis cover a great more things than I ever expect to do. These are to-do lists, and I

  • To see articles and projects I am immediately working on, see my Projects page.
  • To see articles and projects I am working on at other wikis, see my Foreign Projects page.
  • To see subjects that interest me but are not immediate priorities, see my Portal page.

One more thing ...[edit]

About me
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I dislike nitpicking about policies. I'm here to add useful information about topics I believe to be notable, and I'll edit these articles as I damn well please. Truth be told, I revived this account once it became clear that you can make the most clear and concise argument you want in support of your edits, but they'll still get called vandalism unless you're using an account and can reference enough Wikipedia policy to border on filibustering. So, here's one more filibustering rant.

Now, I make an effort to write my articles coherently and provide sources where appropriate, but if I don't feel like doing the proper formatting I'm not going to do it until I feel like it, if at all. When I create an article I will provide references and enough information to establish notability. will eventually add citations in the proper places, and I will provide enough information to establish notability. Beyond that, the article can either stand as I've written it, or if you believe something does not conform to Wikipedia policy, you can improve it. I'm here, but don't expect me to do any more than I want to. Remember, Wikipedia is not compulsory.

I will create articles on the main page, because if I create an article, I believe it is notable enough that other people are able to edit it, should they so choose, and will do so eventually. (Unless it's on an obscure topic, and I'll try to get more of those). And yes, I'll defend the notability of all the articles I create in the meantime, but I will not try to singlehandedly bring my articles up to your standards I am not the only one who should be editing the articles I create. Wikipedia is supposed to be a collaboration.

Colombia and File:Cold War alliances mid-1975.svg[edit]

Can you add Colombia to the first world side on the file named above please. Colombia was the only Latin American country to participate on the Korean War as an ally of South Korea/NATO (not counting Puerto Rico) and since has been a natural ally of both. During this time and afterwards, Colombia has received economical, military, and political support from this countries. Check NATO under Global Partners, and Korean War as a reference. Thank you.