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Kentwood High School
Covington, Washington
United States
Type Public secondary
Motto It's Great to be Alive! It's great to be a Conk!
Established 1981
School district Kent School District
Principal Doug Hostetter
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 2,136 (2009)
Campus Suburban

Green, Black, Silver, and White

Mascot Conquerors
Affiliation WIAA 4A Division

Kentwood High School is a high school in Covington, Washington. Kentwood is one of four high schools in the Kent School District. It serves mostly students grades nine through twelve who live in the east central region of the district. It's main feeder schools are Mattson and Meridian Middle Schools. Kentwood is one of the largest high schools in Washington[1] with 2,136 students in 2009[2]. It is most notable for its sports teams and athletes.


Kentwood opened in 1981 after district expansion filled the existing Kentridge and Kent-Meridian high schools. As all the names of all Kent High Schools must begin with 'Kent', the school was themed after 11th Century Kent, England and named Kentwood. William the Conqueror was made the mascot, and the colors are supposed to evoke the sense of a knight in Kent at that time[3]. The school was built on what was then a section of unincorporated King County. The area became Covington in 1997 when the city was founded. The school, like the other Kent high schools originally held grades 10-12. In 2005 the district moved 9th graders to the high schools.

Campus/school site[edit]

The majority of the school is located in its original 1981 building. The center of the one-story building is the cafeteria, offices, and commons. Two wings are attached at right angles to the center. The southwest wing includes science labs, special education, auto shop, electronics room, and the Performing Arts Center. The north wing includes music, art, and locker rooms along with regular classrooms and two gymnasiums. A green house, flower shop, and horticulture classroom are independent structures on the north end of campus.

The influx of new students in 2004 forced modification of the school and a building, auxiliary gym, and parking lot were built along with an addition to the cafeteria [4]. These were built on the north end of the campus. The building is a two-story structure identical to the addition built at the same time to Kentridge. It includes 32 classrooms and the third music room.

The campus has six tennis courts, two baseball fields, one soccer/baseball field, and a football field with encircling track. Due to the small number of outdoor sport facilities, many of the teams practice and/or compete at off-campus locations. These locations are listed in the Athletics section.


Kentwood offers Advanced Placement classes in US History, European History, Macro- and Microeconomics, Art, Literature, Statistics, Calculus (AB and BC), Music Theory, Biology, Chemistry, Physics B, Language and Composition, and Psychology. These classes are only available if enough students sign up for them.

Foreign Language classes available for students to take are French, Spanish, American Sign Language, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese . Upper level (third or fourth year) French and Spanish classes offer college credit to students who participate in the University of Washington's College in the High School program.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

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To support the school's many athletes as well as compete on their own, Kentwood has a Cheerleading squad and 'Dazzlers' Dance team. Cheerleaders help organize fan cheers and perform during breaks in games. They may also provide logistical support for sports like track and field, where cheerleading is not necessary.

In addition, Kentwood High School was also one of 41 schools in the country named a Grammy Signature in 2004 for their Music Program, which included a check for $1000 USD as a donation to the program[5]. The Kentwood Drama program, directed by Rebecca Lloyd, is also recognized statewide[citation needed] and has received numerous awards and nominations from the 5th Avenue Theatre's High School Musical Theatre Awards.



  • Football
  • Cross Country
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer (Girls)
  • Swim and Dive (Girls)
  • Golf
  • Tennis (Boys)


  • Basketball
  • Swim and Dive (Boys)
  • Wrestling
  • Gymnastics


  • Baseball
  • Track and Field
  • Soccer (Boys)
  • Judo
  • Softball
  • Tennis (Girls)

Team State Championships[6]
Season Sport Number of Championships Year
Fall Football 2 2001, 2002
Volleyball 1 1986
Winter Basketball, Boys 2 2003, 2010
Basketball, Girls 1 2009
Spring Softball, Slowpitch 1 1985
Baseball 1 2000
Total 13


Kentwood has many clubs to support the interests of its large student body. It has chapters of national clubs Conk Crew, DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, Friends of Rachel, Interact Club, Key Club, National Honor Society, and VICA. Clubs raising awareness of and/or supporting diversity include First Nations, Gay Straight Alliance, M.E.CH.A, More Than Conquerors, SHADES, and Stomp. Clubs supporting school activies are Drama Club, Green Machine, Invictus, and Yearbook Staff. Clubs for a wide range of hobbies are also availiable, including Avid Anglers, Art, Astronomy, Codraw/Comic Books, Environmental Action Club, Hands Up Club, Hip-Hop, Books, Chess, Classic Cars(KSRA), Marine Science, Poetry, and Video Games.

Notable alumni[edit]

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