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Yones (Acronym for ‘Your News’) is a German start - up company domiciled in Munich, which has been launched in October 2013. Its three founders Christian Kulas, Marek Walasek und Mark - Felix Schütz have been focusing on digitalization and personalization of information of newspaper articles. At the beginning Yones was funded by an organization, which supports newfound businesses (Exist - Gründerstipendium)


During their studies Christian Kulas, Marek Walasek and Mark-Felix Schütz developed the, which is able to analyze the favorite news of users. After that they began with Yones as an online system that releases different articles from cooperated publishing houses. The final outcome will be a to the readers adapted digitized paper.

Business model[edit]

Users can open an account on the homepage and receive daily news suited to their preferences. These newspaper articles can be read on laptops as well as on cell phones. At the moment a re - launch and premium - launch are planned.


Christian Kulas is responsible for the personalization of key - features and improves the design of the news stream. Marek Walasek takes care of users’experiences relating to mobile apps and applications on the Web 2.0. and tries to adapt the service according to those wishes. Mark-Felix Schütz is in charge of economic, strategic and financial issues. Furthermore, he establishes new contacts and keeps in touch with the stakeholders.

Technical background[edit]

The founders are supported by an intelligence system, called FaDIRa which was developed by the team in 2012. This AI-based system is able to learn and to recognize on the basis of many newspaper articles, what user prefers and what not.

References[edit] Homepages of Yones