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  • Write first for the Educated Layperson (that's hard... suggest the "New Scientist" as a style example).
    • ...then try to do it better and write for the beginner (that's harder)
  • If an educated layperson can't figure it out by following the wikilinks, then it's too hard.
    • Yes, we're experts (more or less) but we're writing for a general audience. We could write a clever, concise, deep sentence to explain something...but it's useless if it isn't easy to understand.
  • Eschew argot, jargon, technicality and cant.


How Users Read on the Web

<!-- and --> (For hidden inserted comments.)  
Indenting by one space causes this box to form and suppresses certain codes.


To insert an image into an article, edit the article and insert

[[Image:FILENAME.jpg| -- | -- | -- |Caption]]

For example, [[Image:Wiki Fairy.gif|thumb|right|160px|[[Wikipedia:WikiFairy|A Wiki fairy in the wild.]]]] Gives you an image on the right, where the caption is a wiki-link.

To have an image deleted, edit its description page and put
{{deletebecause|redundant to image FOO.jpg}} (but of course you would insert the name of the FOO.jpg image. Everything to the right of the | is comment. )



To go (back) to a redirect page itself (e.g., to change or delete the redirect), click and change the page name (here X_page) in the address bar of your browser. Type it in canonical form, i.e., starting with a capital letter and using underscores for spaces.)

Disambiguation model[edit]

'''X''' may refer to:
A '''[[X]]''' is an institution for learning.

'''X''' may also refer to:
* [[X (discipline)]] or school of thought, a number of individuals with shared styles, approaches or aims
* [[X (Nirvana song)|"X" (Nirvana song)]]

== See also ==
* [[Types of educational institutions]]

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