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I'm R. fiend.

From Sept. 2005 until Jan. 2008 I was an admin here. I resigned to spend more time being an asshole.

So it goes.

This little experiment may be one of my more significant contributions to Wikipedia. It was eons ago and is dated, but not irrelevant.

I had nothing to do with it, but this is one of the most intelligent things I've seen here in a while.

This sums up so much of what is wrong with Wikipedia.

For those who care, these are pages I started or wrote most of (more for my own purposes than anyone else's) (Okay at one point most of the content may have been mine, after many years I'm glad to see many have been greatly expanded by others):

Irish topics (no, I'm not Irish)[edit]

Music topics[edit]

A few topics I'm a bit surprised no one got to before me[edit]

(OK, not too surprised about a bunch of them)

Some films[edit]

I guess I can take credit for the Dolemite article too, not that there's much credit to be given.


Actually I think there are a few of these I had little to do with.

Other stuff[edit]

And my only article ever to appear on VfD (twice!...well, VfD and AfD)[edit]

Not the most useful article, but you can't make a redirect to 2 separate pages.
R. fiend, I do hereby award you with a Working Man's Barnstar for your work on the deletion policy page, concerning episode guides and lists. It remains a serious issue, but while I created it, I soon gave up on it, fearing lack of consensus. However, you kept going on with long, intelligent discussion to work for a better WikiTomorrow. Whether or not it is accomplished, that deserves mention and awarding. -- Ian Pugh

Look! My verbosity actually got me a barnstar!--->

shorter articles and stubs; some could be expanded[edit]

...a bunch of others too, I'm sure.

Other articles I've added a lot to[edit]


With people constantly complaining about the use of the word "fancruft" as belittling, I have come up with a new term. Fiction and Entertainment Compiled with Extreme Specificty (not the best acronym, but it'll do). If people think this is worse, well, I guess that's the point. I call it as I see it.

Wikipedia is not paper. But that doesn't stop people from wiping their asses with it.

A note on deletion[edit]

I'm sure many people have noticed that I tend to vote "delete" considerably more often than "keep" on VfD. Some might be inclined to call me a "deletionist" for this, but I'd consider that somewhat misleading. While I tend to vote delete more often on VfD, if one were to put all articles on wikipedia up for deletion, I'd vote overwhelmingly for keep. Most (but certainly not all) entries that appear on VfD are legitimately posted as being of dubious value; pigeonholing someone as a deletionist because they tend to vote to delete many of this minute fraction of wikipedia articles is ridiculous. Last count shows something like three quaters of a million articles in wikipedia. I've voted to delete...maybe 800(?). You do the math. It's true I tend to have a slightly higher bar for what should be in an encyclopedia than many, but it is still substantially lower than the bar for inclusion in probably any other encyclopedia. Also, with so many people having lower inclusion standards, and with the deletion process being weighted towards inclusion anyway, most articles I would vote to keep would stand little chance of deletion whether I vote or not. Since I cannot vote on every article, I tend to skip over these, unless it's something I have a particular interest in, or requires comment. With many users pa-trolling VfD voting keep on just about anything that appears to contain real words, deleting all but the most egregious of vanity and nonsense can be difficult. Some wonder why we "deletionists" don't work to improve wikipedia, rather than working to delete articles, and to them I can only say that flushing the toilet when necessary will certainly only improve the value of one's house, considering the alternative. Such is true of wikipedia. Besides, I think I have a pretty decent output of articles under my belt, which have worked to "improve" wikipedia. Add to this the hundreds of articles I've done both major and minor work on and I'd like to think my presence here has been beneficial. You are, however, prefectly free to disagree.


If I ever leave a lasting footprint on this site, I suppose it will be the use of the term "smerge", which has now been reverse abbreviated to "selective paste merge" apparently. Anyway, I came up with the term many years ago, here's how:

So I've invented a new term I will start to use in VfD's: "smerge". This is a portmanteau of "slight" (or maybe "small" or something) and "merge". This is for when a topic deserves mention in another article, but not to the extent and detail that is already included. Too often a "merge and redirect" becomes a cut-and-paste job of the entire contents of one article very inelegantly tossed at the end of another. A smerge involves the inclusion of only the most important information when merged, not every insignificant detail. Of course, what is "the most important" is open to interpretation, but it can usually be discerned through the practice of common sense, if that exists in wikipedia anymore.

Critical response[edit]

See what the critics have to say about User:R. fiend!

  • "A "fiend," by the way, according to my dictionary is, "an evil spirit," a demon", "the devil" or "a very wicked or cruel person," how fitting."
  • "Deletionist who deletes articles without understanding how 'notable' a person is in a different country."
  • "... a self serving ass."
  • "Editors like [R. fiend] make it unpleasant to edit here..."
  • "...irresponsible and should have [his] power stripped away"
  • "...would vote to delete his own user page if it were nominated for deletion."
  • "... may u die the most horrid way possible! you have deleted a dead army officer's band page! "
  • "...rude, arrogant and dismissive..."

Someone did once refer to him as "brilliant", but crossed it out less than a minute later.

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