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Full Name "David" Lee Chong Yew
DOB July 26, 1982
Nationality Malaysian Chinese
Nicknames RAMChYLD, stripedhamdonuts_moogle, stripedhamdonuts, pacificsabin6x7, moogle82
Gender Male
Religion Buddhism
Hair Black
Height unknown
Location Klang, Malaysia
School Attended University of South Australia (twinning through SIT International College)
Affiliations editor, strawberryforum global mod, arthur2, pbskidvid, clubcaillou and franklinturtle group mods, SSCDrom group owner.
Website StripedHamDonuts(blog)
Web Forum Blake's SSC Forum

About me[edit]

Remember the song by Shampoo?

Hey, RAMChYLD here. I'm a 26 year old IT Executive in Klang, Malaysia. I graduated from the twinning course I was attending with the University of South Australia at Sepang Institute of Technology in December 2005. I'm currently a degree holder majoring in Computer And Information Sciences.

I am a computer geek with a wierd passion for children picture books, sound books, computer manuals and books, electronic equipment schematic manuals, certain cartoon character plush toys, certain childrens television programming, and coin-operated rides.

When I'm at my computers, I'm usually browsing the net, programming (I have working knowledge on Pascal, QBasic, C# and JAVA, and I know some fundamental ANSI C, ANSI C++, Fortran, Visual Basic, and Visual J#), playing games (usually kids games featuring my favourite cartoon or children book characters, but I also dig RPGs and Sim games), working on my assignments, typing out documents, or toying with emulation. My computing arsenal consists of a Linux PC, a Windows 98 PC, a Windows XP laptop, a mostly-broken DR-DOS/Windows 3.11 laptop (which has since been rebuilt as a desktop), a old Macintosh (heavily upgraded, no less), a Old Pentium 166 running OpenBSD and working as a proxy firewall, a x64 superbox (which I affectionately call "der Überkomputer" but is named "Sally"), and a whole horde of accessories like printers, scanners and removable media storage devices.

I have a blog which I would sporadically update at RottenTomatoes.

I'm also ever present at the Yahoo groups Arthur2, Franklin Turtle, ClubCaillou, PBSKidVid and SSCDrom groups (I'm a moderator in the latter two and owner of SSCDrom), I am also an editor at (formerly TVTome), and up until recently, a moderator at the ToonTown Central fan forums (I quit because of a political dispute), and am a global moderator at Blake's Strawberry Shortcake forum.

Recently, I've discovered the wonders of Flash and YouTube, and also discovered the stress relieving properties of making animutations. You can see my animutations on Youtube, search for Revival of the Node or videos by RAMChYLD.

When I'm not at my computers, I'm usually watching TV. I watch lots of stuff, usually animation and some childrens programming, but I also watch documentaries, drama, comedy and reality series if I have the time.

When I'm not at my computers or watching TV, I am usually reading books or profiling my book collection. I collect sound/music books (specifically, Clifford, Dragon Tales, Strawberry Shortcake and Spot ones) as well as Arthur, Clifford, Spot, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie books, as well as countless other Children books. I also collect Japanese Hamtaro books, although mostly for it's beautiful illustrations.

I also collect plush toys, particularly that of my favourite cartoon and childrens book characters. I've been bitten by the Care Bears bug since 2005 and since then have the original 10 Care Bears, albeit the 2003 redesign versions, in 13" plushes. I also have a bunch of the cousins in plush format, and many of the 2007 redesigned bears in Beanie formats. Apart from that I also collect Kellytoy 2003-released Strawberry Shortcake 13" plushes as well as many other Plushes of the 2003 Strawberry Shortcake line, and plushes of Spot the Dog, among many things. The photo in my profile infobox shows me with the bunch of my favourites.

If I'm not at either of these, then I'm either out for a walk, or taking a nap. Don't be surprised if you're at a mall and catch me riding a kiddie ride. As mentioned earlier, I'm very intrigued and attracted to these and won't hesitate to ride them if given a chance. I'm also a proud owner of a Spot the Dog kiddie ride (albeit one that is not capable of normal operation as it's coin acceptor is tuned for UK currency).

Music? My music taste runs gamut from children songs to Oldies to Country to Rock to JPop to Eurobeat (and everything else inbetween and overlapping). However, I seldom listen to mainstream radio. I am also collecting Strawberry Shortcake, Spot the Dog, Care Bears, Arthur, Dragon Tales, and Madeline and Caillou soundtrack CDs. I took organ lessons in the past, although I didn't get far with it.

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