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R. Andrew Shippy[edit]

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R. Andrew Shippy has developed a specialized knowledge base of gerontology issues. His primary research interests include social support, psychological well-being, caregiving, and personal development in middle age and older adulthood. He has studied the effects of chronic illness and stigma on social support and psychological well-being among vulnerable populations, including elders with vision impairment, lgbt seniors and older adults living with HIV.

His work at Lighthouse International examined the impact of vision impairment on marital relationships and the mental health of both spouses, as well as the roles of spirituality and religiousness in coping with vision impairment among middle-aged and older adults.

In 2000, Shippy (with Prof. Marjorie Cantor and Mark Brennan, PhD) began work on the first large-scale study of caregiving in lgbt seniors in New York City, a joint research effort of Pride Senior Network, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute and Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. The study provides a detailed description of the caregiving issues faced by older lgbt people in New York City. The research has been recognized as canonical in scope and has informed public policy decisions and research agendas.

He was a Senior Research Scientist at ACRIA the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America, where he conducted behavioral research focusing on the growing population of older adults living with HIV/AIDS. This research examined the impact of personal and social support resources on the quality of life aging adults living with HIV. The research agenda examined such diverse topics as alternative treatments used to improve the health and well-being of HIV-positive adults and the impact of the disease on older adults’ cognitive abilities. He was Co-Principal Investigator of the ROAH Program: Research on Older Adults with HIV, a cohort study of 1000 HIV-positive adults over age 50. This study is one of the most comprehensive studies of the lives of older adults living with HIV conducted to date. His research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, reported in major media outlets and presented at major national and international scientific and advocacy conferences.