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For the record, I live in the United States (Arkansas); I have never been to the United Kingdom or even seen an HMV store in person (not even the now-closed U.S. stores), so I could not possibly have any connection to HMV's flagship 150 Oxford Street (London) store as the person who created this page claimed.

I am familiar with HMV because I've ordered CDs from their websites in the UK & Japan (as well as Canada before they outsourced it to Amazon--it's since been relaunched) in the past; some of them even shipped from 150 Oxford before they moved their UK online warehouse to Guernsey. (I also still receive emails from Sanity, which acquired HMV Australia.) However, that is the complete extent of my dealings with HMV. --RBBrittain 12:15, 18 June 2007 (UTC)