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I'm a second year Graduate Diploma student in trombone performance at The Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA. I'm doing this wikepedia user page to fulfill a requirement for my Future of Classical Music class.

My previous education experience is a B.M. at Southern Illinois University ('97-'01), a M.M. from the University of Utah ('01-'04), and a G.D. at the New England Conservatory of Music ('04-'06).

Articles I've contributed[edit]

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Future of Classical Music User Page user:futureclass

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My Wiki-edit project[edit]

Here ---> List_of_trombonists <--- is the list as it is currently on wikipedia...I'm going to expand it a little here and then transplant the whole thing to the trombone article.

List of Current Orchestral Trombonists

Name Orchestral Timespan Primary Affiliation
Joseph Alessi 1985-Current New York Philharmonic
Herbert Ausman 1971-Current Los Angeles Philharmonic
Demian Austin Metropolitan Opera
Charles Baker 1972-Current New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
Allen Barnhill Houston Symphony Orchestra
John Bart (Bass Trombone) 1967-Current Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
John Bartlett -Current Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
James Beckel 1969-Current Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Vincent Belford (Bass Trombone) 1970-Current New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
Robert Biddlecome (Bass Trombone) New York City Ballet
Larry Bird (Bass Trombone) San Antonio Symphony Orchestra
Blair Bollinger (Bass Trombone) 1986-Current Philadelphia Orchestra
Lawrence Borden Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Ian Bousfield 1964-Current Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Gordon W. Bowie Bangor Symphony Orchestra
James Box 2001-Current Montreal Symphony Orchestra
Dudley Bright London Symphony Orchestra
A. Michael Brown 1986-Current Phoenix Symphony
Jeffery Budin San Francisco Ballet
Steven Brown (Bass Trombone) 1998-Current Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Dennis Bubert 1981-Current Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Burge Charlotte Symphony
Randall S Campora (Bass Trombone) 1985-Current Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Eric Carlson 1986-Current Philadelphia Orchestra
Richard Chamberlain New York City Ballet
Andrew Chappell (Bass Trombone) 2006-Current Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Rebecca Cherian 1989-Current Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Cloutier Grand Park Orchestra
Douglas Courtright Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
Eric Crees Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Murray Crewe (Bass Trombone) 1993-Current Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Kyle Covington Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
George Curran (Bass Trombone) Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
John Daley Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Mark Davidson San Antonio Symphony Orchestra
Dwight Decker 1973-Current Florida Orchestra
Jeff Dee (Bass Trombone) 2002-Current Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
Carey Donaldson 1980-Current Alabama Symphony Orchestra
John Driver (Bass Trombone) Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Joseph Duchi Columbus Symphony Orchestra
Christopher Dudley Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Hugh Eddy New York City Ballet
Jay Evans 2000-Current Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Ben van Dijk 1976-Current Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
John Englekes (Bass Trombone) 1981-Current San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Michael Fellinger (Bass Trombone) San Diego Symphony
David Finlayson 1985-Current New York Philharmonic
Mark Fisher Chicago Lyric Opera
Jay Friedman 1962-Current Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Byron Fulcher 1970-Current Philharmonia Orchestra
Robert Gale Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Opera Company of Philadelphia
Cristian Ganicenco 1999-Current Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
James Gilbertson Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Hall Goff San Francisco Ballet
Richard Gordon San Diego Symphony
Philip Graham 1975-Current Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Jeffery Gray (Bass Trombone) 2000 Current Grant Park Orchestra, Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
Gary Greenhoe 1971-Current Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Matthew Guilford (Bass Trombone) 1991-Current National Symphony Orchestra
Nathaniel Gurin 1978-Current Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Nitzan Haroz 1995-Current Philadelphia Orchestra
William Harris Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
Randall Hawes (Bass Trombone) 1985-Current Detroit Symphony Orchestra
John Michael Hayes 1982-Current Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Porter Wyatt Henderson Kansas City Symphony
David Herring (Bass Trombone) 1982-Current Minnesota Orchestra
Raymond Horton Louisville Symphony Orchestra
Chris Houlding Orchestra of Opera North
Richard Howenstein Columbus Symphony Orchestra
John R. Huling (Bass Trombone) 1986-Current National Symphony Orchestra
John Ilika 2001-Current North Carolina Symphony
Greg Ingles Piffaro, Spiritus Collective, Ciaramella, New York Collegium
George Johnston San Diego Symphony
Megumi Kanda 2002-Current Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Mark Kellogg 1989-Current Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
McDowell Kenley 1977-Current San Francisco Opera
Donald Kennelly 1980-Current San Francisco Opera
Richard Kimball (Bass Trombone) Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
John Kitzman 1972-Current Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Klaber (Bass Trombone) 1985-Current Cleveland Orchestra
Mark Kellogg Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Massimo La Rosa 2007-Current Cleveland Orchestra
David Langlitz Metropolitan Opera
Aaron LaVere Oregon Symphony
Lucas Lepak 1969-Current Warsaw Symphony Orchestra
John Lofton (Bass Trombone) 1984-Current Phoenix Symphony
Jonathan Lombardo Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Gregorio de Lozoya Catedral de Sevilla
James Markey (Bass Trombone) New York Philharmonic
Robert Marsteller 1919-1975 Los Angeles Philharmonic
Rodney Martell (Bass Trombone) Virginia Symphony Orchestra
R. Scott McElroy 1988-Current Virginia Symphony Orchestra
Darren McHenry (Bass Trombone 1995-Current Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Patricia McHugh Louisville Symphony
Russell McKinney (Bass Trombone) 1989-Current Utah Symphony
Andrew Millat Columbus Symphony Orchestra
James Miller 1999-Current Los Angeles Philharmonic
Terry Mizesko (Bass Trombone) 1971-Current North Carolina Symphony
Jeremy Moeller Grant Park Orchestra
Adam Moen Chicago Lyric Opera
Craig Mulcahy 2006-Current National Symphony Orchestra
Michael Mulcahy 1989-Current Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Graeme Mutchler (Bass Trombone) 2007-Current Kansas City Symphony
Timothy Myers 1983-Current St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Paul Naslund Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Steve Norrell (Bass Trombone) 1981-Current Metropolitan Opera
Peter Norton (Bass Trombone) Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
James Nova 2001-Current Utah Symphony
Toby Oft San Diego Symphony
Kim Ohlemeyer 1982-Current Phoenix Symphony
James Olin 1976-Current Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Timothy Owner 2007-Current Virginia Symphony Orchestra
Roger Oyster Kansas City Symphony
Gerard Pagano (Bass Trombone) 1995-Current St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Joseph Parrish Louisville Symphony Orchestra
Jeffery Peterson Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
Denson Paul Pollard (Bass Trombone) 2007-Current Metropolitan Opera
Vernon Post New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
Michael Powell 1952-Current American Brass Quintet, Orchestra of St. Luke's
Charles Reneau Oregon Symphony
Jonathan Reycraft 2006-Current St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
David Ridge (Bass Trombone) 1992-Current San Francisco Opera
Dwight Robinett North Carolina Symphony
Mark Salatino 2002-Current Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Stefan Sanders (Bass Trombone) Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
K. Blake Schlabach 1982-Current Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
John Schwalm (Bass Trombone) Chicago Lyric Opera
Susan Smith 1994-Current Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Weston Sprott 2005-Current Metropolitan Opera
Ward Stare Chicago Lyric Opera
Amanda Stewart 2004-Current San Antonio Symphony Orchestra
Richard Stout 2000-Current Cleveland Orchestra
Peter Sullivan 1999-Current Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Kari Sundström 1996-Current Minnesota Orchestra
Robert Taylor Oregon Symphony
Bill Thomas Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Thompkins 1997-Current Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Scott Thornton (Bass Trombone) San Francisco Ballet
Harold Van Schaik (Bass Trombone) 1993-Current Florida Orchestra
John Vance 1986-Current Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Matthew Vaughn 1999-Current Philadelphia Orchestra
Charles Vernon (Bass Trombone) 1986-Current Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Paul Welcomer 1993-Current San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Bradley White Houston Symphony
Steven Witzer 2007-Current Los Angeles Philharmonic
Colin Williams Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Ron Wilson 1979-Current Fort Worth Symphony
Stephen Wilson Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
R. Douglas Wright 1995-Current Minnesota Orchestra
Douglas Yeo (Bass Trombone) 1985-Current Boston Symphony Orchestra
Larry Zalkind Utah Symphony
Donald Zegal 1978-Current Florida Orchestra

List of Retired Orchestral Trombonists

Name Orchestral Timespan Primary Affiliation
Ronald Barron 1970-2008 Boston Symphony Orchestra
Norman Bolter 1975-2007 Boston Symphony Orchestra
Frank Crisafulli 1938-1989 Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Donald Harwood (Bass Trombone) New York Philharmonic
Edward Kleinhammer (Bass Trombone) Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Mark Lawrence 1974-2007 San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Ralph Sauer Los Angeles Philharmonic
Milton Stevens -2007 National Symphony Orchestra

Soloists/Chamber Trombonists

Name Recording Timespan Primary Affiliation
Christian Lindberg Soloist
Dave Taylor (Bass Trombone) Bass Trombone Soloist