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If there are any questions, I took all these photos and they are released with the same licence as other material here.

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  1. P1 G_1 H,1.jpg Hydrogen H
  2. P1 G18 He,2.jpg Helium He
  3. P2 G_1 Li,3.jpg Lithium Li
  4. P2 G_2 Be,4.jpg Beryllium Be
  5. P2 G13 B,5.jpg Boron B
  6. P2 G14 C,6.jpg Carbon C
  7. P2 G15 N,7.jpg Nitrogen N
  8. P2 G16 O,8.jpg Oxygen O
  9. P2 G17 F,9.jpg Fluorine F
  10. P2 G18 Ne,10.jpg Neon Ne
  11. P3 G_1 Na,11.jpg Sodium Na
  12. P3 G_2 Mg,12.jpg Magnesium Mg
  13. P3 G13 Al,13.jpg Aluminum Al
  14. P3 G14 Si,14.jpg Silicon Si
  15. P3 G15 Red phosphorus in a tube - P 15 .jpg Phosphorus P
  16. P3 G16 S,16.jpg Sulfur S
  17. P3 G17 Cl,17.jpg Chlorine Cl
  18. P3 G18 Ar,18.jpg Argon Ar
  19. P4 G_1 K,19.jpg Potassium K
  20. P4 G_2 Ca,20.jpg Calcium Ca
  21. P4 G_3 Sc,21.jpg Scandium Sc
  22. P4 G_4 Ti,22.jpg Titanium Ti
  23. P4 G_5 V,23.jpg Vanadium V
  24. P4 G_6 Cr,24.jpg Chromium Cr
  25. P4 G_7 Mn,25.jpg Manganese Mn
  26. P4 G_8 Fe,26.jpg Iron Fe
  27. P4 G_9 Co,27.jpg Cobalt Co
  28. P4 G10 Ni,28.jpg Nickel Ni
  29. P4 G11 Cu,29.jpg Copper Cu
  30. P4 G12 Zn,30.jpg Zinc Zn
  31. P4 G13 Ga,31.jpg Gallium Ga
  32. P4 G14 Ge,32.jpg Germanium Ge
  33. P4 G15 As,33.jpg Arsenic As
  34. P4 G16 Se,34.jpg Selenium Se
  35. P4 G17 Br,35.jpg Bromine Br
  36. P4 G18 Kr,36.jpg Krypton Kr
  37. P5 G_1 Rb,37.jpg Rubidium Rb
  38. P5 G_2 Sr,38.jpg Strontium Sr
  39. P5 G_3 Y,39.jpg Yttrium Y
  40. P5 G_4 Zr,40.jpg Zirconium Zr
  41. P5 G_5 Nb,41.jpg Niobium Nb
  42. P5 G_6 Mo,42.jpg Molybdenum Mo
  43. P5 G_7 Radioactive ............ Technetium Tc
  44. P5 G_8 Ru,44.jpg Ruthenium Ru
  45. P5 G_9 Rh,45.jpg Rhodium Rh
  46. P5 G10 Pd,46.jpg Palladium Pd
  47. P5 G11 Ag,47.jpg Silver Ag
  48. P5 G12 Cd,48.jpg Cadmium Cd
  49. P5 G13 In,49.jpg Indium In
  50. P5 G14 Sn,50.jpg Tin Sn
  51. P5 G15 Sb,51.jpg Antimony Sb
  52. P5 G16 Te,52.jpg Tellurium Te
  53. P5 G17 I,53.jpg Iodine I
  54. P5 G18 Xe,54.jpg Xenon Xe
  55. P6 G_1 Cs,55.jpg Cesium Cs
  56. P6 G_2 Ba,56.jpg Barium Ba
  57. P6 G*_ La,57.jpg Lanthanum La
  58. P6 G*_ Ce,58.jpg Cerium Ce
  59. P6 G*_ Pr,59.jpg Praseodymium Pr
  60. P6 G*_ Nd,60.jpg Neodymium Nd
  61. P6 G*_ Radioactive ............ Promethium Pm
  62. P6 G*_ Sm,62.jpg Samarium Sm
  63. P6 G*_ Eu,63.jpg Europium Eu
  64. P6 G*_ Gd,64.jpg Gadolinium Gd
  65. P6 G*_ Tb,65.jpg Terbium Tb
  66. P6 G*_ Dy,66.jpg Dysprosium Dy
  67. P6 G*_ Ho,67.jpg Holmium Ho
  68. P6 G*_ Er,68.jpg Erbium Er
  69. P6 G*_ Tm,69.jpg Thulium Tm
  70. P6 G*_ Yb,70.jpg Ytterbium Yb
  71. P6 G_3 Lu,71.jpg Lutetium Lu
  72. P6 G_4 Hf,72.jpg Hafnium Hf
  73. P6 G_5 Ta,73.jpg Tantalum Ta
  74. P6 G_6 W,74.jpg Tungsten W
  75. P6 G_7 Re,75.jpg Rhenium Re
  76. P6 G_8 Os,76.jpg Osmium Os
  77. P6 G_9 Ir,77.jpg Iridium Ir
  78. P6 G10 Pt,78.jpg Platinum Pt
  79. P6 G11 Au,79.jpg Gold Au
  80. P6 G12 Hg,80.jpg Mercury Hg
  81. P6 G13 Tl,81.jpg Thallium Tl
  82. P6 G14 Pb,82.jpg Lead Pb
  83. P6 G15 Bi,83.jpg Bismuth Bi