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Real Name: Rachel Wexelbaum

Institution: St. Cloud State University

Location: Minnesota

Occupation: Librarian / Professor / Writer / Artist / Doctoral Student

Research Interests: LGBT studies, Jewish studies, human rights, social media, food

Articles created: Yolanda Retter, Fierce Pussy, James Chalgren, Anthony D'Augelli, Alvin Baltrop, Jean Carlomusto, Minnesota Department of Human Rights, Draft: A Wider Bridge, Božo Vrećo, Folx (gender neutral term), Emma Jane Gay

Articles I have worked on/work on: ACT UP, Alison Bechdel, Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, Amira Hass, Ania Bukstein, Anthony Bourdain, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Barbara Brenner, Barbie, Bayard Rustin, Breast Cancer Action, Chef Wan, Coen Brothers, Craig Newmark, Culinary tourism, Drag queen, Education about the Holocaust, Ello Etta Candy, Fania Fénelon, Foodie, Gay Mens Health Crisis, Genderqueer, Genres Pluriels, Kenneth Grahame, Kristian Randelovic, Lambda Literary Foundation, Laverne Cox, List of African American activists, List of African American visual artists, List of AIDS activists, List of librarians, List of rodeos, Margaret Cho, Masha Gessen, Michael McConnell and Jack Baker, Monika Treut, Olivia Travel, Pansexuality, Pride parade, Pussy Riot, Riki Wilchins, Saint Patrick's Day, Same-sex marriage in Minnesota, St. Cloud State University, St Sukie de la Croix, Tom Spanbauer, Transgender people and religion, Unisex public toilet, Wind in the Willows, Women in science, Wroclaw's dwarfs, Carla Hayden, Ida Leeson, Diana Flacks, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, Women in Somalia

I maintain the list of LGBT Jews on Wikipedia.

I facilitate WIkipedia Edit-a-Thons at St. Cloud State University. I am also the Twitter administrator for Wikimedia LGBT+'s Twitter account @wikilgbt. I am getting to know Minnesotan Wikipedans and LGBT Wikipedans from around the world. Having a lot of fun!

Last but not least, created this SubjectGuide for work on how to create and edit Wikipedia articles:

St Cloud State University Wikipedia Subject Guide

The Wikipedia Library Owl
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