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Rachel Helps
Rachel Helps
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About Me[edit]

I am the Wikipedian-in-Residence for the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU. This is my account for edits I make for work. I make personal edits under the account Rwelean.

The Harold B. Lee has a work-in-progress GLAM page. I'm also interested in ways library special collections can be used as sources on Wikipedia while staying within Wikipedia's guidelines for reliable sources (see this discussion). Thank you for your patience as I learn how to edit Wikipedia!

I was on the editorial board for the WikiJournal of Humanities.

Presentations and handouts I've made[edit]

I've made some content to help others learn about various aspects of Wikipedia and Wikimedia. Please feel free to reuse them as long as you credit me as the original author.

  • Why Wikipedians-in-Residence Should Edit Wikipedia - Wikipedia has many content gaps. Wikimedians-in-Residence are perfectly positioned to help fill some of them. Presentation for Wikimedia+Libraries and Wikimania's WREN session in 2022.
  • Redefining Outreach "Failure" - We have measured outreach success through the number of attendees, edits, and new pages created. But what are some other ways that outreach can succeed? Another presentation for Wikimedia+Libraries 2022.
  • Guide to Writing Children's Book Pages on Wikipedia - This is an in-depth guide I made for our Coretta Scott King Award edit-a-thon in February 2019.
  • How to track and increase page views for images on the Wikimedia Commons - short presentation I gave at 2018 Wikiconference North America. Depending on when you're reading this, the tracking tools may or may not still work.
  • Mix'n'match and your data - another presentation I gave at 2018 Wikiconference North America. Mix'n'match is a tool you can use to link database records to their corresponding Wikidata items. This could be part of a "linked data" initiative at your library! Wikidata is still in an early phase where everyone is adding stuff. I like to think of contributing to Wikidata as making deposits in a databank. The more everyone contributes good data, the more it will be useful to everyone (we hope).
  • Editing Wikipedia as a PR Person - some people think that PR people shouldn't edit Wikipedia at all, but I don't think we can stop them. Let's teach them how they can contribute.
  • Dreamyshade has an excellent "Wikipedia in 15 minutes" presentation. I made a handout based on the presentation for a volunteer organization at BYU that usually works with family history and record transcription. It has a lot of information specific to their group, but maybe you will find it helpful.
  • Simple English Wikipedia - a presentation I gave to a linguistics class to prepare them for an assignment to "translate" a page from English Wikipedia to Simple English Wikipedia. Be sure to see the notes on each slide for the relevant information--I give a nice overview of what linguists have done with Simple English Wikipedia in the notes on slide 4. Also, I have since found out that copy-pasting from VE to VE is effective and retains references (so copy-pasting from source editor to another source editor isn't required). There may be issues with other page elements, however.

Conflict of Interest statments[edit]

Conflict of Interest statement - BYU[edit]

I am the Coordinator of Wikipedia Initiatives at the Harold B. Lee Library. I am employed by Brigham Young University (BYU) to improve Wikipedia. I'll do my best to maintain an neutral POV, but there's no way to eradicate unconscious bias. Please contact me via my talk page if you'd like to make my unconscious bias conscious. My compensation is hourly and not contingent on any particular contribution. However, curators and other librarians sometimes request that I work on certain pages. You can find most, if not all, of the pages we have worked on under Category:Harold_B._Lee_Library-related_articles.

Conflict of Interest Statement - AML[edit]

I am currently on the board for the Association for Mormon Letters (AML), a volunteer organization that promotes Mormon literature. I believe there is an overlap of interests between AML, the BYU Library, and Wikipedia in supplying accurate information about Mormon authors to the public. My students have worked on the AML Wikipedia page and the Wikipedia page for AML's periodical, Irreantum. The BYU Library and our special collections contain the papers of past AML presidents and we have the old AML annuals on our stacks. I created a page for Melissa Leilani Larson before I was a member of the board. I have been on three judging panels for the AML awards, and I have not created pages for books that won awards that I was a judge for.

My students[edit]

I employ BYU students who edit Wikipedia under my supervision. My current students are:

Former student workers[edit]

Pages I've worked on[edit]

Mormon women[edit]

Mormon history[edit]

Mormon arts[edit]

BYU history[edit]

Local bands[edit]

Library and other special collections-related pages[edit]

Q: Hey Rachel, isn't working on the Harold B. Lee Library's page a conflict of interest, since you work there?
A: Yes, I did have a conflict of interest! I wasn't going to edit the page, but a previous copyvio put the page out of commission. I completely rewrote it so a page would exist. My edit history is available for anyone to examine. Other editors looked over the page. COI editing is strongly discouraged but allowed when the editing is within Wikipedia's content guidelines. I'm happy to talk about it more if you have questions.

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