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Racinelea99's original name is Leah Helen Racine. She lives in Michigan, of the U.S. She goes to West Middle school (WMS), and is currently participating in the WMS Jazz Band, which will be playing at the City Opera House on June 1st, 2014.

Favorite color: Lime Green Favorite food: Pizza Family: Two younger Sisters, Mother, Father, Pet Dog- Stephen Favorite Subject: Science Career goal: Musician/Artist Favorite game:"Sorry" Favorite Movie: The Secret Garden Favorite Book: Chomp By: Carl Haissen Future College hoped for: Michigan State University

History She was born November 12, 2001. Her Aunt Jean performed in the 2002 winter Olympics bobsledding. In 2004, Little sister Anna was born. 2007, little sister Ellen was born. Leah's current grade point average is 3.729.