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Hi, folks. I'm an IT geek from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; I'm a graduate of KCI, and Conestoga and Seneca Colleges. I have the usual geeky oddball interests (particularly in geography, public transit and urbanism), combined with a progressive political bent and an agnostic worldview. I've been a Wikipedia editor since January 2004, and I've helped out with articles on anything that's caught my interest (which is quite a broad spectrum).

A few pride-and-joy articles I've created/worked on:

And there's always more to come!

As you might guess if you know something of the material, this is the origin of my username.

Feel free to contact me: radagastwiz -at- gmail -dot- com, or via social media:

Twitter - @RadagastWiz | Reddit - RadagastWiz

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