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It is a common misconception that Wikipedia is run by humans, just like people mistakenly think that Homo sapiens is the second-most intelligent life form on this planet. As this classification shows, there are quite a number of administrators here that are animal, extraterrestrial, or even inanimate. We truly are a free encyclopedia, that anyone can edit regardless of species.

  • This list is incomplete. Feel free to add to it. Please avoid listing the same admin twice, and avoid creating new categories with only a single user.
  • Inactive/former admins will be removed, defined as "Userpage gone red".
  • This list is intended to be funny and not just stupid. Avoid adding overly obfuscated references, such as "hey, this is almost typed like a Latin word which if translated into Swahili might be meant to refer to the family of this professor who studied birds, and therefore it's an avian". Honestly now. If you want a list of all admins, simply go here.