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Shamelessly pilfered from Redwolf, a list of the albums I own, so I can use it as a reference. Music albums are going to be one of the next waves in new articles very soon (along with books, high schools and local articles that are even narrower in scope than what is on Wikipedia now).

My music collection also includes thousands of other tracks from all sorts of other places as well. The total number of MP3s that I have is around 8,500 (as of August 13, 2005).

Sorted loosely by genre. Skipping albums from lesser-known artists that might not qualify for inclusion in Wikipedia. Also skipping several dozen classical music albums and about two dozen anime soundtracks.


Christian (CCM & Rock, borderline, etc.)[edit]







This covers pretty much everything that isn't in any other category (top 40, classic rock, alternative, punk, etc.) simply because it isn't worth the time categorizing them deeper.

And I know Beastie Boys is more rap, I don't care. I grew up with them on alternative stations.


Soundtracks (Film & TV)[edit]

Other stuff[edit]