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RadioFan is a frequent Wikipedia editor. He began editing Wikipedia articles in mid 2005. He spends too much time reviewing Articles for Creation and particularly enjoys sniffing out spam and editors with a conflict of interest. He leans towards the exclusionist side of the scale between inclusion and exclusion of wikipedia articles. He loves helping new users learn how to properly cite their articles according to Wikipedia guidelines and refer to WP:CITE, WP:FOOTNOTES, and WP:N often. He also contributes to articles on planetary sciences and manned spaceflight, yes they are cited. If you came for barnstars, they are here.

Content first, everything else second

Don't forget one of Wikipedia's few policies: If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Wikipedia, ignore it

Content before community

Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, perhaps one of the most important knowledge bases humans have ever put together. If it is a community, that's waaaay down on the list.

Content before process

Also, I have no interest in wikilawyering. When the focus of discussions veers from content to process, I'm out. Process has its place in a project this big, but too many editors spend 90% of their time policing process and 10% actually improving articles. It should be the other way around.

Adminship, thanks but no thanks

Over the years, I've been approached more than once by an administrator asking if I'd like to join their ranks. While I appreciate the vote of confidence, I have no interest in becoming an admin. I believe I can provide a greater contribution to wikipedia as an active editor rather than an administrator. Particularly as more and more admins focus on community over content.

While maintaining a sufficient number of editors and encouraging new ones is very important to the success of the project, this should be secondary to maintaining the integrity of content. Too many admins disagree with this and opt to leave poor quality, unhelpful articles with the hopes that editors can be encouraged to turn them into great resources. While they mean well, this approach very rarely produces anything but poor quality, unhelpful articles.

I and other editors like me will continue to focus on content and do what we can to keep the admins focused there as well.

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