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Tom Anderson Tom Anderson Succeeded Ed Dankworth as head of the Alaska State Troopers in 1975, serving in that position for about 5 or 6 years. Retired, then became the general manager of the Sullivan Arena for roughly a decade during its early existence.
Ralph R. Beistline Earl Beistline Miner/mining engineer/educator with decades worth of renown. Was dean of the mining school at UA(F), mostly back in the days when the mining school was more significant to the university's overall picture than it is today.
Ramy Brooks Roxy Wright-Champaine
David Cuddy Daniel H. Cuddy
Mike Doogan James P. "Jim" Doogan
Winfield Ervin, Jr. Winfield Ervin, Sr.
Linda Kay Fickus Bill and Lillian Fickus
Richard Foster Neal W. "Willie" Foster
Jessica Gavora Vladimir Paul Gavora
Cathy Giessel Jerry and Ruth Bohms
James Gottstein Barney Gottstein
Perry Green David Green
George Barnes Grigsby Col. Melvin Grigsby
Clark Gruening Hunt Gruening
Andrew Halcro Robert J. "Bob" Halcro
Rick Holmstrom Larry Holmstrom
DeeDee Jonrowe Ken Stout
Jewel Kilcher Attila Kuno "Atz" Kilcher
Drew Meekins Russ Meekins, Jr.
Jake Metcalfe Vern Metcalfe
Cathy Muñoz Elton E. Engstrom, Jr.
Evan Ramsey Donald Lee Ramsey
Libby Roderick Jack Roderick
Mary Sattler Ward Sattler
Jonathan Solomon Hannah Solomon
Stephen Sundborg George W. Sundborg