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Radwan Chowdhury is a philanthropist, activist, author and a bona-fide visionary. Throughout his career, Radwan Chowdhury has won recognition for his entrepreneurial acumen; sharp business skills; a vision that transformed education and poverty; leadership qualities that won championships; and his unprecedented philanthropy.

Seeing life as a story in the process of being written, Radwan Chowdhury believes that the more an individual knows about his goal and mission, the better he understands the essential choices he must make in order to become more committed to achieving it. Thus, Radwan is certain that an individual choice defines his actions as well as the path he would take. To determine the best pathway, however, would require an individual to be very keen in predicting the possibilities as well as risks; while also being prepared and strong-minded to face exceedingly demanding and challenging situations when unexpected circumstances occur. This, he believes, is the key to success.

Applying the same principle in his career, Radwan extensive ability encompasses comprehensive knowledge in the entire facets of business management and operations, which enabled him to lead several pioneering projects. Radwan’s extensive business and leadership acumen were both honed by his personal experiences. Early on, Radwan already understood the value of perseverance and commitment.

Radwan Chowdhury is the Founder & CEO of UDiON Foundation, he believes “Education is the best way to end the cycle of poverty and the exploitation of children” he strongly believes “Illiteracy is the birth place of poverty”. Realizing that there must be something terribly wrong with the society we live in, this inspired him to commit himself and his dream is the total eradication of poverty from the world and educating and leading young men and women in exercising their right.

Radwan has spent time in the field with the various livelihood promotion programs in South Asia. During his years of association he concentrated on the study of the direct economic management role of government. Driven by a passion for social impact, he has worked for social policy, immigration, refugee integration, women and population; children's health; child labor, environment; and peace and security.

Although he have been blessed to have distinguished academic careers, his most challenging and fulfilling mission to date is to dedicate himself to the unfinished work of “Equal Opportunity and Justice for All”. The deprivation of equal opportunity and rights to any ethnic or minority groups saps this world of ours with maximum potential. He believes the mission is critical; the task is challenging but the quest is noble, the challenge is enormous, and the mission is sacred and must not fail. It is about having a spine of steel and having the principled courage to stand up and fight for what can rightfully be theirs.

Mr. Chowdhury has received widespread recognition, awards and honors for his work, Including the Life Time Service Award “Call to Service” by US President Barack Obama, Leadership Award by FOBANA, New writers awards by Prime Minister writers council of Bangladesh, Diversity/Inclusion Award, He was listed as Most Influential Asian American in NE FL by Indo-US Chamber of Commerce and many more. Moreover, Radwan consistently received academic excellence awards and commendations for his exceptional performance and outstanding analytical skills. He regularly provides mentorship to future leader’s (our youth) and has spoken to many seminars, conferences and conventions nationally and internationally. He authored three books, granted of three Bangladesh “Patent” publications and authored over 25 publications.

At this point, one might ask how success could be measured. Rather than gauging the ability to succeed, one must consider the imperativeness of accomplishing such achievement. In Radwan’s case, what has been said are just some of the things rightfully enough to describe someone who has already succeeded but still aspires to do much more. Radwan Chowdhury reminds us that success is not about the achievements. Rather, it is all about making a difference in everything one does by displaying the right virtues. Read his Blog @