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Áine Duffy (born 1982 in Bandon, Co. Cork) is an Irish singer, songwriter, guitar player and performer with a well-established reputation as one of Cork’s finest vocalists. She sings in her own very unique style combining guitar riffs and energetic performances on stage and her lyrics have an honest and unique point of view.

Her instruments of choice are two custom anniversary edition Patrick Eggle electric guitars.

Professional career[edit]

Áine Duffy has a large vocal range and stays very true to her accent. As an accomplished guitar player she has toured the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. She has performed on many stages and festivals: The Electric Picnic, the Body and Soul festival, Charlesfort Kinsale with Imelda May and with Jack Lukeman in many different places like the Cork Opera House, Whelans, the Theatre Royal Waterford, the Riverbank Arts Theatre and others.

Midleton arts festival with the Frank and Walters, The Irish animation awards. She shared a stage with Kila, Mick Flannery, Swabich hall, kuntalle wurth , Stuttgart , Germany for the Tomi Ungerer life exhibition eclipse opening.

Madame Claude’s Berlin. 10 year anniversary party of le gallery and a Tomi Ungerer’s last exhibition with Philippe Cohen Solal of Gotan project, in Paris.

BB kings Los Angeles, the cat club, Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, Genghis Cohen, LA, fat baby, New York, club europa New York. Took part in “the benefit or Mr. Buffet “ where a marathon of Beatles songs were performed on ukeleles in two days by established artists such

as Adam green and more with producer Roger greenawalt “ in New York.

She is currently working with Wayne Sheehy.

She sometimes works with kids doing pop and rock choirs.

She is also an ambassador for the Grace O'Malley pirate queen whiskey as one their graces.

Discography  [edit]


  • Put your money on (2012)
  • With Bells on (2014)
  • Keep her lit (2019)


  • Ask John
  • I don’t think you’re ready
  • Don’t do much
  • Won’t go
  • Keeping the streets clean
  • Liar
  • I’ll wear white (2019)


The song “Won’t Go” featured in “Striking Out” premiered on New Year’s Day 2017 on RTÉ One. Staring Amy Huberman and Neil Morrissey.

Performed "Ask John" on Imeall on TG4.

Performed "Red on You" and "Won't Go" on Twotube RTÉ2.


The song “Keeping the Streets Clean” features on 2018 animation The Hairy Claw of Grafton Moor[1].

Awards and nominations[edit]

Nominated for Dare Media Film Festival best music video for “I Don’t Think You’re Ready” and “Won’t Go”.

Festival and gig guide Ireland, ARTIST OF THE WEEK. May 8th 2016

Áine Duffy ‘Put Your Money On’ Review.[2]

"This girl’s got some true grit"[3]

Áine Duffy & The Hypnotyst - Video Of The Week.[4]

Does Anybody Love You- Aine Duffy[5]

Áine Duffy 'Don’t Do Much' - Track Review[6]

Áine Duffy releases new single.[7]

"West Cork native, multi-instrumentalist, Electronic-Rock singer/songwriter Áine Duffy and The Hypnotyst"[8]

"She has a large vocal range and stays very true to her accent, she is also an accomplished guitar player."[9]

"Flirting with dance, rock and funk with all the best parts."[10]

"West-Cork native Áine Duffy is a singer whose extroverted rock sound has been described as “unique” and “refreshing”.[11]

"Áine Duffy has been a presence in Cork venues for the past few years after touring the world and acquiring an accomplished session CV".[12]

"There’s something fantastically refreshing about west Cork native Áine Duffy" James Hendicott NME.[13]

Song of Week: Grit from Aine Duffy and The Hypnotist[14]

Áine Duffy – Won’t Go[15]

New song "Liar" released in 2018.[16]

The Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro jubilee launch party, sponsored by Grace O’Malley Irish Whiskey included entertainment from Mike O’Riordan and Áine Duffy.[17]


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