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My speciality is the Royal Air Force. I am a buff on this subject and I am an editor. Hence my Wikipedia I.D. of rafbuffeditor.

Here to make sure the History of the RAF is correct! and NOT abused. Will add, alter and correct any RAF item. Dud external sites will be removed.

Copyright & Plagiarism[edit]

Any site that links to the Wikipedia that has lifted copyright material -- Plagiarized! -- will be removed!!

If you don't like it -- then don't steal it! Plagiarism is theft! DO NOT CLAIM WORK THAT IS NOT YOURS. Otherwise you are a thief.

If you use someone’s material to put info into an article etc -- acknowledge your source!!! Do not just use their material or even worse, try to claim it as your own.

Wikipedia & Copyright Protection[edit]

The Wikipedia has a good Copyright policy and if it didn’t I would not be associated with it.

Copyright is important in my job (if we use anyone’s material without permission we get sued!) and it is an important issue, because for professional authors and writers etc, it is their livelihood and without protection of their livelihood i.e. Copyright protection, then they wouldn’t spend the time and money doing the research and Work that they do, and that would mean we would lose valuable information as well as some damn good reads.

Ask yourself this, would historians spend the time and money they do if their work was going to be pinched and they given no credit for their hard work (and let’s face it the time and money that serious professional historians put into their work is never recouped, they do much of their work for the love and dedication of recording history correctly, so we owe it to them to protect their copyrights and give them the due credit they deserve), and would Shakespeare and Dickens have written the stories they did if they were not going to get paid for them and people could just plagiarize without penalty? Of course not.

Research Tips[edit]

Avoid authors who are plagiarists or those that distort the facts -- like David Irving! Stick to authors that are highly credible and leaders in their field like, Paul Beaver and Bruce Barrymore Halpenny. These authors tell the truth, do serious research and are pillars of the historical community. I also enjoy work by J. B. Priestley.

A first class read is Despatch on War Operations (Cass Studies in Air Power) by Sir Arthur Harris. This is a must read and by "Bomber" Harris himself as it's his own papers covering his three and a half years at Bomber Command that are published and made available to the general public.

The Overall Objective[edit]

I read extensively RAF History books and material, and so if I see where someone has not put their source I will put it in or if I feel there has been a copyright violation, I will edit/remove or ask an administrator to remove.

The Wikipedia must be credible, clean and give due credit to its reference sources. I am here to help it achieve this.

Let’s say it’s now Operation Clean-up. Will be first trying to clean up the Airfields already listed. This will be putting in the references, and often it’s so obvious where the article has lifted its information. Then I will start to list Airfields not already listed. I will be doing this in sections and it is a Mammoth task.

Current Operations[edit]

Operation Clean-up. Working in the Lincolnshire Area and Yorkshire - Bomber Counties of World War Two. Will also be doing random Sorties into other areas as and when required.


I take a very dim view of anyone abusing the RAF.

If you feel there is a violation in any RAF subject on the Wikipedia --especially World War Two--, let me know and I will look into it and take the appropriate action needed.

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