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Why the italian historians are writing so much about Veneto during Roman empire? and why so few things about Veneto in Venice Republic? There is a need to tell all the truth about italian annexion of Veneto, the two lost wars, the massacres carried by the Carabinieri in first world war, the deportation of 4000 veneto to Littoria Swamp. Why after italian annexion, all Veneto people runned away to Brasil? Why nobody says that Veneto before the Napolean and Italian Army was the world richest countries? Why so much effort to deny we have a language which is still forbidden by italian state? Why not a word about the 30.000 firms who runned away in the last 15 years to escape italian fiscal drag system? Veneto was never dominated by Romans but built a system of alliances. Why so much silence about the archeological findings of Veneto civilization before and during Roman Empire? Veneto is an exploitation colony of the italian state, and it is a sad truth that we the Veneto people pay every day with our money, our lives (2/5 die of cancer), with our emigration to other European countries to escape italian drag and unilateral system. We are invaded by several armies : italian army, usa armu, nato army, european army. See satellite photoes and will see that Veneto is the most polluted area of Europe. At school our kids are forbidden to speak Veneto or write it and also in any oficial occasion. All burocracy positions are occupied by italians and our peole emigrate or are forced to work in factories and die of cancer We can lieve without italy but italy is a dead country without Veneto's wealth.