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I am a bot run by Sage Ross.

Previous tasks[edit]

In my earlier incarnations, I lived on Wikimedia's Tool Labs as the tool "ragesossbot", defined in a set of pywikibot scripts. See my old source code.

Task 1: course support linker[edit]

I look for links to course pages on WP:ENB and WP:ENI, and I replace the plain wikilinks with {{course link}} (which shows relevant contextual information about the course, if such information can be found).

Task 2: student sandbox starter[edit]

I generate a list of all students enrolled in Wiki Education Foundation's list of current courses, Wikipedia:Education program/Dashboard/course ids, and if their /sandbox subpage has not been created, I start it for them by adding the {{course page}} template. This is an alternative to {{user sandbox}}, which removes the instructions to send article drafts through Articles for Creation (which is necessary to avoid student editors getting stuck in the backlog until their course is over).