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IATP Food and Society Fellows Program[edit]

The IATP Food and Society Fellows Program provides fellowships to professionals in food and agriculture from across North America, enabling them to use mass media channels to inform and shape the public agenda. The goal of the program is to create sustainable food systems that promote good health, vibrant communities, environmental stewardship, worker justice and accessibility for all. Fellows come from many disciplines—chefs, farmers, nutritionists, activists, public health professionals, fishers, policy experts and academics. The first fellowship class started September 2001. Classes have ranged in size from 8 to 12 fellows, with a total of 72 fellows having been selected through 2010. The Food & Society Policy Fellows Program is funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and administered by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.[1]

The goals of the Food & Society Policy Fellows Program are to:

  • Use communication to influence the issues that reach the public agenda, thereby creating policy changes at the personal, organizational and public policy levels that advance sustainable food and farming systems
  • Increase the mass media communications on issues around sustainable food and farming systems that produce healthy, green, fair and affordable foods
  • Raise the profile of the fellows as food system experts among media and policymakers
  • Build capacity, leadership, and cohesiveness in a group of experts who collaborate and communicate using mass media channels to bring sustainable food system issues to the public agenda

Food and Society Fellows[edit]

Food and Society Fellows organized by the year of their award.

Elizabeth Ü
Fred Bahnson
Nicole Betancourt
Alethia Carr
Debra Eschmeyer
Andy Fisher
Shalini Kantayya
Erin MacDougall
Sean Sellers

Zoë Bradury
Patty Cantrell
Roger Doiron
Curt Ellis
Jim Goodman
Alissa Hamilton
Rose Hayden-Smith
Arnell Hinkle
Andrea King-Collier
Lisa Kivirist
Eduardo Sanchez
Angela Tagtow
Bryant Terry
Cynthia Torres

Thomas Dobbs
Anthony Flaccavento
Holly Freishtat
Paul Greenberg
Deborah Kane
Preston Maring
David Mas Masamuto
Lorriane Stuart Merrill
Judith Weinraub
Aimee Witteman

Wilbur Bullock, Jr.
T. Susan Chang
Daniel Desmond
Johanna Divine
Melinda Hemmelgarn
Anna Lappé
Joshua Miller
Jennifer Wilkins

Curt Arens
Ann Cooper
Wylie Harris
Mary Hendrickson
Rose Koenig
Amanda Manning
La Donna Redmond
Jonathan Thomas

Molly Anderson
Jeremy Brown
Leon Crump
George DeVault
Loni Kemp
Winona LaDuke
Michelle Mascarenhas
Ricardo Salvador
Francis Thicke
Amy Trubek
Arlin Wasserman
Mark Winne

Karen Anderson
Kari Bachman
Claire Cummings
LaVon Griffieon
Hal Hamilton
Keecha Harris
Richard Levins
Gloria McCutcheon
Anne Mosness
Denise O'Brien

Kyle Vickers

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