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Rahul Kumar Mishra, also known as Mishra, Pandit, Baba among his friends is a well known name in Department of Biotechnology, VBSPU, Jaunpur. His nick name is Rinku. Mr. Mishra is a resident of Jaunpur Since year 1992. Bafore that, he lived in his village. His primary education started in Government Primary School of his village.
Later he went to his Bua`s house for better studies in Deoria. He got admited in Mahatma Gandi Central Junior Highschool, Deoria. It was an english medium school with many of his cousine sisters to pamper him in resus. After staying one year in Deoria, He came to jaunpur, along withn his mother, sister and younger brother. With a two-room flat near old building of Purvanchal University, they were pity happy in an new and relatively smaller neighborhood in Peelikothi.--Rahulmishra72 (talk) 07:56, 23 April 2010 (UTC)