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Now that you are here, let's use this opportunity well. Take take a deep breath, relax, and allow the shower of Golden Light that's pouring over you right now, spread through! May good things come to you! May your life be filled with joy and ease!


Namaste! I am Rahul ('राहुल')...

I am here to be inspired! And hope life offers you inspiration in abundance so that you may them shared your inspired life and its gifts with those around you, in the end may be become an inspired species, and planet perhaps.

  • जीवन में काव्य हो, अच्छा है
    जीवन काव्य हो, तो बेहतर!
  • Poetry in life, is good.
    If life is poetry, even better!


My main interest at wiki is Religion, History, of human beings who have surpassed their circumstances and create something new out of themselves, I am always looking for such inspiring people, and what better way to work on their biographies.

Inspiring stuff[edit]

'The Power of No' - Montgomery Bus Boycott, started on Thursday, December 1, 1955, when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat!


Martin Luther King, Jr.Teresa of AvilaAnandamayi MaParamahansa YoganandaRamana MaharshiRamakrishnaJoseph CampbellNisargdatta MaharajGurdjieffP.D. Ouspensky (Fourth Way)...Archetypes

What I love[edit]

I like to explore the ancient Indian history and its vast wealth of wisdom, especially that connected with Hinduism, as it is in danger to turning into a myth, for our present generation and hence for the future.

When Ram stops being a historic king, and becomes merely a character in an epic or a literary figure, we stop believing in the possibility of a human being possessing such qualities, and thus a possibility of living his ideals, because if his ideals become a myth, so will the Ram. Then we just might turn him to a God, rather than viewing him as human being with divine qualities, hence revered across the Indian subcontinent.

When we turn human beings into God, we usually try to distance ourselves from them, so that no one can hold us to those standards, then we might fight over them, but never try to emulate them in our everyday lives. We might quote them often, but seldom live as they did. That is when we start fighting over Ram, Buddha, or Jesus or Mohammad, over temples, churches and mosques we have built in their names, and the book we call holy, but seldom follow them ourselves, but expect the world to. Instead of seeking their divinity let's first seek their humanity, as that would be a good start, for all of us.

So, let us keep Ram a living example for us for if Ram dies, so does the possibility of us transcending our human existence and reaching out for touch and embrace our own divinity. His living memory, is the tradition of human possibilities. That is what GoswamiTulsidas presents to us in his epic Ramacharitamanas, the charitr (persona) of Ram as a manas (human being), because he wanted to show the people of his times, the possibility of living the life befitting the divine, within each on us.

Last word: Too much of a good thing is also...bad

What is the Shadow?[edit]

"It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are without any self-deception or illusion that a light will develop out of which the path to success will be recognized." — I Ching - Debbie Ford - The Shadow Effect

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