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Night and Day' is a British soap opera that was originally aired on ITV 1 from 6 November 2001 until 6 June 2003.

Jane Harper[edit]

Jane Harper
Night and Day character
Portrayed by Georgina Walker
Duration 2001-03
First appearance 6 November 2001
Last appearance 6 June 2003
Classification Former, regular

Jane Harper, played by Georgina Walker, debuted on-screen during the first episode broadcast on 6 November 2001. Jane is played as a "gymslip temptress" and she is the show's "central role".[1] On 26 October 2001, Nicola Methven of the Daily Mirror reported that Night and Day would feature "raunchy" content.[2] She revealed that Jane would be at the center of such scenes when she celebrates her sixteenth birthday by having sex with her boyfriend Josh Alexander (Seb Castang). She added that "just hours later she's at it again" with her best friend Della Wells' (Stephanie Leonidas) father Alex (Joe McGann) before telling him "now I'm legal". The show's production said that they wanted to test the "boundaries of taste and decency".[2]

Walker told the Daily Record's Rick Fulton that "I was quite nervous when I knew my character had a relationship with a much older man and I know people will compare it to the story in American Beauty. Even though she could not imagine herself with an older man, Walker felt that age should not matter in relationships.[1] In May 2011 it was revealed that Jane would be surrounded by a "dark mystery" which would turn her mother, Natalie Harper's (Sally Dexter) life upside down.[3] In October that year Fulton announced that the series would begin with Jane going missing. Walker had filmed Jane's disappearance scenes some six months before but was still not allowed to reveal any details about the storyline. The actress told Fulton that the mystery "affects everyone else, but I don't think I'm like Twin Peaks' Laura Palmer."[1] In a press release for the show, Jane was described as a "beautiful, intimidating and mysterious" character.[4] Walker said that she appears "very confident and full of herself" but the more the audience discover about her "the more we realise how very complex and vulnerable she is". She has come from a dysfunctional family consisting of "a mother and father who never communicate, and brother who is incredibly mean". Walker explained that because of her family there was never any hope for Jane.[4]

Jane returned to the series in her actual form following the episode broadcast on the 7 March 2003.[5] Elisabeth Tarica from The Age said that Jane is "gorgeous, bitchy, irascible. She's bonking her best friend's dad. And if that's not enough, a series of jagged twists and turns see Jane mysteriously disappear - a la Laura Palmer in David Lynch's cult classic, Twin Peaks."[6] While her colleague Brian Courtis said that Jane is an "attractive, manipulative and enigmatic Lolita-like character".[7] Robin Oliver writing for The Sydney Morning Herald was disappointed that "tart-tongued schoolgirl temptress" Jane had "vanished" because he believed that she was the serial's "most interesting and provocative character". He added that the subsequent search for Jane lacked "intensity" from Natalie while Duncan "hardly responds".[8]

For portrayal of Jane, Walker was nominated for "Best Newcomer", "Best Exit" and "Sexiest Female" at the 2002 British Soap Awards. While the "Has Alex killed Jane?" arc was nominated for "Best Storyline" and Jane's disappearance gained a "Best Single Episode" nomination.[9]

Natalie Harper[edit]

Natalie Harper, played by Sally Dexter and debuted on-screen during the first episode broadcast on 6 November 2001. Prior to this a columnist from the Daily Mail reported Dexter had been cast as the "high-flying best friend" to Roxanne Doyle (Lysette Anthony). They added that Natalie's life would be "turned upside down by a dark mystery surrounding her beautiful daughter" Jane Harper (Georgina Walker). In addition the Cathy Tyson had been cast as Steph MacKenzie whose return to the area would create problems for Natalie.[3] It was later revealed that Jane would go missing.[1] By April 2002, Natalie becomes "increasingly withdrawn" and continously sleeps in Jane's room until reconstruction of her daughter's disappearance to arrives.[10]

When Jane returns Natalie has become an unbalanced woman. She decides that forcing Jane to marry Sam Armstrong (Stuart Manning) will solve all problems in the Harper family.[11] She also becomes convinced that Jane is not pure and plans to have her exorcised. Her son Ryan Harper (Nick Schofield) returns from America to remove Natalie from the situation and help Jane out. A writer from Inside Soap observed the storyline as the moment "the wacky world of Thornton Street gets even madder."[11]

For her portrayal of Natalie, Dexter was nominated for "Best Actress" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[9]

Duncan Harper[edit]

Duncan Harper, played by Tim Wallers. Duncan is an outsider who does not fit in with the other residents of Thornton Street. They view him as a snob only concerned with social status.[4] Duncan is easily intimidated and people do not see his good intentions. Having no friendships in the community means that he feels isolated. But through his imperfect marriage to Natalie Harper (Sally Dexter) he has found love. Wallers told a Digital Spy reporter that "Duncan is slightly out of step with the rest of the community. Terrible things happen to him and his family, but he always tries to bounce back and be positive, in a way that is quite endearing and sometimes very funny."[4]

In one storyline Duncan finds an old unexploded hand grenade at the local halfway house. When he accidently pulls the pin out Steph MacKenzie (Cathy Tyson), Holly Curran (Phoebe Thomas) and Josh Alexander (Seb Castang) are trapped with him. They desperately try to calm him when he becomes hysterical.[12]

Ryan Harper[edit]

Ryan Harper, played by Nick Schofield. Ryan is the son of Natalie (Sally Dexter) and Duncan Harper (Tim Wallers) and the brother of Jane Harper (Georgina Walker). Schofield had ambitions of staring in the drama series. He had three auditions and then secured the role.[4] Ryan is characterised as being incredibly vain, complicated and disillusioned adolescent. He has a high level self-confidence. Schofield told a reporter from Digital Spy that his character "gets all the best lines. He’s very sharp and witty and has some wonderful put down lines. He’s not a very nice person and can be really hurtful and deliberately nasty, but that’s why he’s great to play."[4]

Ryan was nominated for "Villain of the Year" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[9]

Dennis Doyle[edit]

Dennis Doyle, played by Kevin Sacre.

Tom Brake[edit]

Tom Brake, played by Adam Paul Harvey. Tom is the son of Mike Brake (Dominic Rickhards) and Fiona Brake (Glynis Barber). He is best friends with Jimmy Hamilton-Doyle (Joe Jacobs) and is secretly in love with Frankie Radcliffe (Debbie Korley).[4] A reporter from Digital Spy stated that "Tom is a regular complicated teenager who is too introspective for his own good. While his contemporaries see him as odd, he carries this badge with ease. He is naturally intelligent, sensitive, thoughtful but desperately self-conscious."[4] Harvey described his character adding "He's dark and weird in his own intelligent way, but then I think most intelligent people are quite peculiar. I think as he grows up and discovers girls, he’ll become quite cool."[4]

Other characters believed that Tom was gay. He too began to question his sexuality and decided to confide in Steph MacKenzie (Cathy Tyson). After revealing that he had previously confused by his sexuality, the talk brings Tom to the realisation that he is straight. Harvey told a reporter from Inside Soap that Tom's confusion was all in the past.[13] But his mother Fiona has her suspicions which are not helped by continuous rumours. When Francoise Jardin (Laurie Hagen) stays at his home she sleeps walks. When she wakes she tells Fiona that she saw Tom and Jimmy in bed together. Francoise does not realise that Jimmy was in Tom's bed because he was scared of a spider.[13] Harvey said that "the problem is, Francoise isn't used to boys who don't sleep around, and Tom is an innocent kind of guy. I think she automatically assumes something is up with Tom because he's wary of girls, especially flirtatious ones like her. She assumes because Tom is not interested, he must be gay." Francoise tells Fiona this and he becomes gossip for the rest of the street. Harvey concluded that it discovering that his mother and friends have been talking about him comes as a "massive shock" for him.[13]

For his portrayal of Tom, Harvey was nominated for "Best Actor" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[9]

Jimmy Hamilton-Doyle[edit]

Jimmy Hamilton-Doyle, played by Joe Jacobs. One week prior to beggining of filming on the series, Neil Wilkes from Digital Spy reported that Jacobs had been cast as Jimmy.[14] When Jacobs auditioned for the role he was not hopeful. It was an open audition attended by 2000 actors. He was delighted to be asked to stay behind after watching so many people being turned down.[4] Jimmy is the son of Charlie Doyle (Gareth Hunt) and half-brother of Roxanne Doyle (Lysette Anthony). He is best friends with Tom Brake (Adam Paul Harvey). Out of the teenagers portrayed in "Night and Day", Jimmy is the "happiest and most well adjusted of the teenagers, despite being the most irresponsible".[4] Jacobs told a reporter from Digital Spy that "Jimmy is a cheeky boy who’d never hurt a soul. He’s the type of person who would always get found out if he did something naughty just like me when I was his age."[4] The Daily Record's Rick Fulton stated that Jimmy is a "teenage tearaway who lives with his family. He is one of a dozen new faces who will appeal to the younger viewers".[15]

Francoise Jardin (Laurie Hagen) discovers Jimmy in bed with his friend Tom. She tells Tom's mother Fiona Brake (Glynis Barber) that the two were being intimate, unaware he climbed into Tom's bed fearing a spider. Francoise's misunderstanding causes him to the subject of local gossip.[13]

Frankie Radcliffe[edit]

Frankie Radcliffe, played by Debbie Korley.

Josh Alexander[edit]

Josh Alexander, played by Seb Castang. Josh was Castang's first television role having previously done modeling work and commercials. Castang felt fortuanate and challenged to have a full time acting role.[4] Josh was described as "intense, dark and broody" in a Night and Day press release. He lives his life surrounded in mystery and does not dispel his "bad boy image". Casting told a Digital Spy reporter that "sometimes I think Josh is misunderstood – and sometimes I'm scared by him – it’s hard to figure out if I’m a good guy or not – I don’t think even Josh knows himself. He’s actually got a good heart, but he’s not very easy to get to know." He added that Josh is the type of character who never smiles.[4] He is also Jane Harper's (Georgina Walker) boyfriend at the time of her disappearance.[4]

One of Josh's main storylines was a medical condition where he suffers from blackouts. During one happening he remembers seeing Steph MacKenzie (Cathy Tyson) on the night that Jane disappeared. He confronts Steph and she confirms her presence, but he soon forgets what she tells him.[16] As the blackouts continue Josh becomes "deeply concerned" about his health. An Inside Soap writer revealed that Ryan Harper would use Josh's condition as an opportunity to control him. He convinces Josh to let him induce a blackout so he can observe his behaviour.[17] Josh later kidnaps Roxanne Doyle's (Lysette Anthony) baby Alex. The Wells household are frantic as they search for the missing baby. When Natalie Harper (Sally Dexter) decides to seduce Josh, she realizes that he has been hiding Alex.[18]

He was nominated for "Sexiest Male" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[9]

Della Wells[edit]

Della Wells, played by Stephanie Leonidas.

Leonidas told Colleen Wilson from the Sunday Mail that Della and her mother Roxanne Doyle (Lysette Anthony) are "very close and they look out for each other". said that Della and Roxanne were a "mysterious" mother and daughter who between them have a "pile of secrets".[19]

Roxanne Doyle[edit]

Roxanne Doyle
Night and Day character
Portrayed by Lysette Anthony
Duration 2001-03
First appearance 6 November 2001
Last appearance 6 June 2003
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Hairdresser

Roxanne Doyle, played by Lysette Anthony. Anthony told Marion McMullen of the Coventry Evening Telegraph that she happy to join the cast because she lived in Greenwich where the show was being filmed. She described Roxanne as "amazing" because she is "complicated, full of contradictions and very headstrong".[20] A press release revealed that Roxanne is a central character in the show who splits her life as a hairdresser and housewife. She views herself as the matriarch of Thornton Street and has four children. She has a "passionate and stormy" relationship with her long-term partner Alex Wells (Joe McGann).[4] Anthony told the Daily Mirror's Tim Oglethorpe that Roxanne and Alex have a "feisty relationship" helped by "sexy scriptwriting".[21] She is also best friend of Natalie Harper (Sally Dexter).[4] Anthony believed the show's writing was intelligent and that it created "enormous possibilities" for her character. She told a writer from Digital Spy that "she's the most extraordinary person; she's a very passionate, sexy, vibrant woman and she's also extremely mouthy. Equally, she’' very loving and is a fantastic mother."[4]

The character has a complex backstory with Alex. When Roxanne was pregnant with Becky and Laura Wells (Jai and Keya Wilson), Alex had an affair.[22] When Roxy becomes pregnant again she worries that history will repeat itself and plots to prevent Alex from being unfaithful again. Anthony told a reporter from Inside Soap that "things are very volatile in the Wells household right now, Roxy is obsessed with the idea that Alex is up to something - and justifiably so, as it happens, although he's not up to what he thinks. She explained that Alex is uneasy following Jane Harper's (Georgina Walker) disappearance because he had an affair with her. Roxanne cannot forget what Alex did during her previous pregnancy which makes her stressed and "flying off the handle at every opportunity."[22] Roxanne believes if she conforms to the stereotype of a traditional house wife she will prevent him from being unfaith. Roxy is a vegetarian and cannot cook. She decides to cook him a meat dinner. Anthony said that Roxanne only serves chips and crisps to her family and that her plans to control Alex goes "horribly wrong". The actress added "some of it is very funny, but it's also rather heartbreaking as well. I love playing pathetic characters, and I love it when my characters show their awful side. Roxy just can't help her terrible behavior at the moment.[22]

Roxanne and Alex's wedding day aired on 28 November 2002. But their wedding does not go to plan when Alex visits the halfway house. Having promised Roxanne he will be at the ceremony, he finds himself trapped in the house alongside Duncan Harper (Tim Wallers) who has pulled a pin out of an old unexploded hand grenade.[12] Roxanne's pregnancy is faced with further trauma when she puts herself in danger. The story begins when she receives threatening letters. She then falls down the stairs and is rushed to hospital to save her unborn baby. She then feels unsafe at the hospital and she shares her worries with daughter Della Wells (Stephanie Leonidas). She questions Roxanne's mental health but changes her mind when she spots a suspicious stranger lurking in the hospital corridors.[23]

Anthony finished filming in May 2002 when production ceased. She had taken part in the filming of 240 episodes in just one year. She revealed that the Night and Day schedule lead to her being hospitalised three times due to exhaustion.[24]

The Sunday Mail's Colleen Wilson branded Roxanne and her daughter Della a "mysterious" duo sharing a "pile of secrets". Leonidas told the writer that they are "very close" relationship.[19] Of Roxanne and Alex's wedding, an Inside Soap columnist said it was "true to form their day isn't axactly plain sailing."[12] Richard Barber from the Daily Mirror branded the character a "sexually voracious" woman with a "startling peroxide crop".[24] For her portrayal of Roxanne, Anthony was nominated for "Best Actress" at the 2002 British Soap Awards. She was also nominated for "Sexiest Female".[9]

Alex Wells[edit]

Alex Wells, played by Joe McGann.

For his portrayal of Alex, McGann was nominated for "Best Actor" and "Villain of the Year" at the 2002 British Soap Awards. While the "Has Alex killed Jane?" plot received a "Best Storyline" nomination.[9]

Becky and Laura Wells[edit]

Becky Wells and Laura Wells played by Jai Wilson and Keya Wilson respectively, debuted on-screen during the first episode broadcast on 8 November 2001. In a press release for the series the twins were described as "always turning up when you least expect them to. Some would say there’s something rather mysterious about them."[4]

Lucy Armstrong[edit]

Lucy Armstrong, played by Daniella Isaacs.

Sam Armstrong[edit]

Sam Armstrong, played by Stuart Manning.

For his portrayal of Sam, Manning was awarded "Hero of the Year" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[25]

Fiona Brake[edit]

Fiona Brake, played by Glynis Barber. Fiona is part of the Brake family consisting of herself, husband #Mike Brake (Dominic Rickhards) and son Tom Brake (Adam Paul Harvey).[4] Barber told Marion McMullen from the Coventry Evening Telegraph that the scripts were great and she liked "Night and Day" because it was interesting and "very unusual for its genre".[20] Fiona is a science teacher and was described in a press release as being Thornton Street's nicest woman. The character is generous and the scattiest of the show's females. She has a knack for fitting in with both the adults and teenagers.[4] Barber told a reporter from Digital Spy that "I was really drawn to my character, Fiona, who sounded a lot of fun to play. She’s messy, much more into enjoying herself rather than tidying! I have some fairly challenging scenes, especially the fantasy scenes which I particularly enjoy filming. They’re just so crazy!"[4] Fiona finds herself constantly worried over her son's sexuality. After being suspecting Tom was gay, house guest Francoise Jardin (Laurie Hagen) convinces her that he is sleeping with Jimmy Hamilton-Doyle (Joe Jacobs). Harvey told an Inside Soap reporter that the incident leaves Fiona in a state of worry and that she believes everything Francoise tells her.[13]

Barber was nominated for "Sexiest Female" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[9]

Will Radcliffe[edit]

Will Radcliffe, played by Sean Francis.

Mike Brake[edit]

Mike Brake, played by Dominic Rickhards.

In one storyline Mike shares a gay kiss with Dennis Doyle (Kevin Sacre).[11]

Holly Curran[edit]

Holly Curran, played by Phoebe Thomas.

Charlie Doyle[edit]

Charlie Doyle, played by Gareth Hunt. While interviewed by Marion McMullen from the Coventry Evening Telegraph, Hunt said that he thought the series was different to any other soap opera. He branded Charlie a "publican" character and praised the "fresh and different" scripts.[20] The character was originally named "Charlie Hobbs" but was changed to "Charlie Doyle".[15][26] Charlie runs the local pub named "The Nautilus".[15] Charlie is the father of Roxanne Doyle (Lysette Anthony). He is married to Donna Doyle (Christianne Gadd) having her in his life keeps him happy. Charlie cannot understand why those around him find life difficult. In a press release the character was described as the publican with a love of life and overall "instinctive, straightforward man".[4] Hunt explained that "Charlie can always see the funny side of life, he tries to give advice, not always wisely, and he realises he made a few mistakes in his time. He’s had an interesting and sometimes difficult life, and lost various wives." He added that Charlie is not at all "devious" and despite his "incredible mistakes" in life he has always strived to help. But he still has a knack for saying "the wrong thing at the wrong time".[4]

For his portrayal of Charlie, Hunt was nominated for "Best Actor" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[9]

Dona Doyle[edit]

Dona Doyle, played by Christianne Gadd.

Rachel Culgrin[edit]

Rachel Culgrin
Night and Day character
Portrayed by Lesley Joseph
First appearance 2001
Last appearance 6 June 2003
Classification Former, regular

Rachel Culgrin, played by Lesley Joseph and the character debuted onscreen during an episode broadcast in 2001. Joseph had previously starred in the BBC show Birds of a Feather as Dorien Green. Joseph told Marion McMullen of the Coventry Evening Telegraph that she had been looking to play a completely different character to Dorien.[20] Joseph had also been given a prediction that she would join a soap opera. Her agent then informed her about that the role of Rachel and she felt as though she "had to take it".[27] The character was originally intended to be named "Rachel Gulperin".[15]

She revealed that Rachel is not exactly comedic, but rather "very dark and menacing". Joseph the scripts were unpredictable and Rachel was a "wonderful character" to play because she could portray both drama and comedy.[20][27] Joseph explained that Rachel also processes some "manipulative, vulnerable, damaged, dark and gothic" traits. The character also uses her occupation to her advantage.[27] Rachel the "meddling aunt" to Sam (Stuart Manning), Lucy (Daniella Isaacs) and Ben Armstrong (Max Foster) who arrives in the area and soon secures employment as a supply teacher of English at the nearby school. In a press release for the show, Rachel was described as the "sexual nemesis of the clueless, hormonal, eternally hopeful teenagers in whose sexual mores she has an unhealthy obsession".[4] She told McMullen that "what I really like is that she's an English teacher and she speaks the most poetically out of all the characters. Rachel sometimes quotes poetry and she has quite a literary turn of phrase."[27] Joseph has also revealed that through out her portrayal she made an effort to "stay on the right side of caricature and make her as real as possible". However some off her friends informed her that they were acutally "a bit scared" of Rachel the "meddler".[4]

When Sam receives an offer to play for Newcastle football club, he asks Rachel to look after his siblings. But he soon changes his mind when Rachel reveals she wants to challenge him for custody of them. Manning told Wil Marlow from the Birmingham Post that "Sam asks his Aunt Rachel to look after Lucy and baby Ben while he gets settled in Newcastle. But then it all kicks off as she wants to get custody as she thinks Sam is unfit to parent. There's a long battle between Sam and Rachel."[28]

Rick Fulton from the Daily Record described her as a "meddling school teacher" and predicted she would become the "Dot Cotton of Night And Day".[15] McMullen felt that as a "born gossip", Rachel could give Dot and Coronation Street character Hilda Ogden (Jean Alexander) "a run for their money".[27] A writer from said that Rachel was the "show's resident bitch".[29] Elisabeth Tarica from The Age branded Rachel a "dark and machiavellian" character.[6] The Birmingham Post's Marlow described Rachel as a "wicked Aunt".[28] For her portrayal of Rachel, Joseph was nominated for "Villain of the Year" and "Best Comedy Performance" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[9]

Kate Ellis[edit]

Kate Ellis, played by Julia Lee Smith.

Steph MacKenzie[edit]

Steph MacKenzie
Night and Day character
Portrayed by Cathy Tyson
First appearance 2001
Last appearance 6 June 2003
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Vicar

Stephanie "Steph" MacKenzie, played by Cathy Tyson. Her casting was anounced in May 2001.[20] Steph was originally going to be named Sue. The Daily Record's Rick Fulton described Steph as a "surprise role" for Tyson and commented that the character create problems for Natalie Harper (Sally Dexter).[15] Though her casting was announced alongside the original cast, Steph was still yet to appear in February 2002.[30] Tyson told Sherna Noah from the Birmingham Post that Steph returns to Thorton Street following a twenty year absence. She takes the job of running a halfway house for troubled teenagers. But she is met with a "frosty reception" from her old neighbours and cotends with feeling unwelcome. Tyson explained that "there are quite a few scenes where other characters have a real go at her and, although I might choose to walk away in real life, Steph stoically stands her ground. She is very understanding of other people's situations. She's not a victim, nor does she victimise herself."[30]

The actress told Julie MacCaskill from the Daily Record Steph is has complex characterisation. She has fitted many things into her life over a short space of time. Steph's backstory details her as being "a flirt, a drinker and a gambler - completely out of control and totally rebellious".[31] But she has changed and grown up. She used her past experiences to reform her character and has decided to confront her issues from her past. But Steph has other reasons for returning home. The women of Thorton Street are the most critical of Steph. Tyson added that "her reputation wasn't wholesome in the past and they're convinced she's going to steal their husbands. Expect lots of fireworks because everyone knows how unforgiving women can be when they've been betrayed."[31] The storyline sees Natalie and Rachel Culgrin (Lesley Joseph) use an unfortunate happening to their advantage. The duo still refuse to believe that the "wild-child-turned-vicar" persona is real.[32] When Steph accidently walks in on Josh Alexander (Seb Castang) naked in the shower they strike. An Inside Soap reporter wrote that the women report Steph to the local bishop in a "desperate bid to drive Steph out of the community". But Roxanne Doyle (Lysette Anthony) decides to forgive Steph for past events and helps her out of the predicament.[32]

Tyson also felt that Night and Day's soap opera format held her character back. She could not explore Steph's intricacies. She also criticised Steph's lack of religious conviction stating, 'they're afraid of advertising a certain religion so my character is stuck in a rut and I don't think it's true to life."[30] For her portrayal of Steph, Tyson was nominated for "Best Actress" at the 2002 British Soap Awards.[9]

Francoise Jardin[edit]

Francoise Jardin, played by Laurie Hagen.[33] Francoise is Jane Harper's (Georgina Walker) penpal who arrives from France to stay with the Harper family. Francoise is unaware that her letters that she exchanged with Jane hold clues to her disappearance. Sharon Marshall from The People reported that "Night and Day" wanted to introduce a lesbian kiss to boost their ratings. She added that Francois and Jane would be the focus in the scenes, which aired on 24 January 2002.[34] A spokesperson from ITV said that the kiss made rival soap opera "Brookside" look tame.[35]

Francoise is a sleepwalker and when she stays at the Brake's house she ends up walking into Mike Brake's (Dominic Rickhards) bedroom.[13] When she wakes she reveals that she saw Tom Brake (Adam Paul Harvey) and Jimmy Hamilton-Doyle (Joe Jacobs) in bed together. Tom's mother Fiona Brake (Glynis Barber) was already suspicious that Tom was gay. However, Jimmy had entered Tom's bed because he was scared of a spider and Francoise had incorrectly assumed they were being intimate. Harvey told a reporter from Inside Soap that Francoise believes that she is irresistible to men and Tom's lack of response to her flirtatious manner makes her believe he is not attracted to females. Francoise's claims worry Fiona and when Tom is shocked when he discovers what she has been telling his family.[13] Francoise also causes problems for the Harpers. She taunts Ryan Harper (Nick Schofield) which leads him to unsuccessfully gain his parents attention. But Duncan Harper (Tim Wallers) pays attention when he discovers Ryan is taking drugs.[36]


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
6 November 2001-6 June 2003 Ben Armstrong Max Foster[37] Ben is the infant brother of Sam (Stuart Manning) and Lucy Armstrong (Daniella Isaacs). Roxanne Doyle (Lysette Anthony) is unimpressed with Sam after he keeps leaving Ben in her care while Sam goes out partying.
6 November 2001 Roxanne's Boss Shirin Taylor[37] The boss of Roxanne Doyle (Lysette Anthony), who warns her worker not to leave the work early because she will be fired. Roxanne does not listen and walks out.
6 November 2001 Footballer Ryan Davenport[37] A footballer who plays alongside Sam Armstrong (Stuart Manning) and advises him after he is scouted by #Ernie Heston (John Gannie).
6 November 2001 Ernie Heston John Gannie[37] Ernie is a football scout for a premier football club. He is present at a match watching Sam Armstrong (Stuart Manning) and asks him if he would like to join his club.
Woody Dexter Bradley Walsh
Celeste Dexter Phoebe Sweeney
Danny Dexter Shane Richie


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