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If you would like to contact me, please leave a message on my Talk Page. I'm not as active here as I used to be, so my reply might not be prompt.

My real name is Bradley Smith.

I hold degrees in Music (BMus Honours, 2005) and Computer Science (BCmp, 2006) from Queen's University, and am a video game programmer.

I am from Burlington, Ontario (Canada).

My website:

Useful Musical Symbols:[edit]

&9833; ♩ | &9834; ♪ | &9835; ♫ | &9836; ♬ | &9837; ♭ | &9838; ♮ | &9839; ♯

<math>\hat{6}</math> =

<math>V{\begin{smallmatrix} 7 \\ 4 \\ 2 \end{smallmatrix}}</math> =

<math>I{\begin{smallmatrix} 6 \\ 3 \\ {} \end{smallmatrix}}</math> =

<math>V{}^6_{}</math>, <math>V{}^6_4</math> = ,

Contributions to:[edit]

31 equal temperament, 53 equal temperament, Archicembalo, Aristeion Prize, Augmented sixth chord, A Survivor from Warsaw, Bertold Hummel, Blinn–Phong shading model, Category:People with absolute pitch, Ching Fang, Diatonic and chromatic, Divje Babe, Equal temperament, Fettes Brot, Francesco Antonio Vallotti, Herta Müller, Holdrian comma, Incises, Inversion (music), Just Intonation, Le marteau sans maître, Library sort, List of sonatas, Micrologus, Multiplication (music), Musical temperament, Musical tuning, Phong shading, Piano acoustics, Piano sonatas (Boulez), Piano tuning, Quartal harmony, Rituel in Memoriam Bruno Maderna, Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke, Semitone, Shadow mapping, Shadow volume, Sonata, Sprechgesang, String quartets (Schoenberg), Structures (Boulez), Texture mapping, Wiener deconvolution, William Holder.

Minor contributions to:[edit]

A Musical Joke, Absolute pitch, Algorithmic composition, Anthèmes, Anti-aliasing, Burning Ship fractal, Care and maintenance of pianos, Category:Piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven, Comparison of Direct3D and OpenGL, Enharmonic scale, Erwartung, Felix Mottl, Giuseppe Tartini, Five Pieces for Orchestra, Kang & Kodos, Mode X, Musical notation, Olbers' paradox, Parallax mapping, Piano Concerto (Schoenberg), Piano key frequencies, Pierre Boulez, Polytonality, Pythagorean comma, Pseudo-octave, Regular temperament, Scale (string instruments), Schismatic temperament, Spinet, Stretched tuning, Subpixel rendering, Synthetic chord, Voice leading, Tristan chord, Tungsten, Twelfth root of two, Weber-Fechner Law, Well temperament, Z-buffering, other contributions...

Currently considering:[edit]

Music theory and history: .

Mathematics and computing: .

Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Community Portal/Opentask, Wikipedia:Translation, Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English, Wikipedia:Reference desk.


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