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Intel 386 CISC-RISC (32bit microprocessor)
Intel QX6850, Q6850

AMD Xilleon, Fusion
AMD Phenom AM3+ (PCIe 3.0)
AMD Deneb FX


SSD going down hill

Fujitsu 5TB, CPP-GMR [1TB/inch2]
 - Patterned Media Technology
Western Digital, 74GB, VelociRaptor 20,000RPM
  possibly PMR
Hitachi UltraStar 450GB, 15,000RPM PMR + RVS
 - also in 3Gb/s SAS, 4Gb/s FC

Hitachi & PMC-Sierra SAS 6Gb/s

RVS = Rotational Vibration Safeguard Technology

Untrustworthy people (constantly being self-contradictory)

  • Kingston, Mr. Pawel Smigielski (Regional Manager for Eastern Europe)
  • Intel Larrabe, Pat Gelsinger

List of Notebooks[edit]

High Ends / Buisness

Next Computing, Vigor Evo HD (suitcase)
   8 cores from Intel Xeon / AMD Operton
   patented FleXtreme architecture, COTS software and hardware
   PCI-X 64 bit slot, 3TB hard disk

Cizmo, CX15 [Centrino 2]               German notebook vendor
    -Core 2 Duo & Core 2 Quad
Toshiba, Tecra                     Quadro NVS

Dell XPS, Latitude
Alienware area m15x
Rock, Xtreme SL8 (SLI)
Asus G series (G70) (SLI)               Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme
HP Pavillon, Presario
Beyond, GoFlex317
Acer Aspire
Panasonic Toughbook
Samsung, Q1 Ultra.
Sony, Vaio
BenQ, Joybook
Dell, Precision (M2300, M4300, M6300)
Asus, Lamborghini VX3
???FTEC, Smartbook
???DRS Armor C12
Frontier, FRNL                     (lighter than MacBook Air)
Kohjinsha, SR8
Dialogue Technology, Flybook V5
Dreamcom Corp, DreamCom Series 10
Toshiba Satellite (some are SLI)

Medium Range
Nec, LaVie J series                 (Core 2 Duo, 1.2GHz)
Sungjt, TangoX Nano                 (Via C7-M, 1.2 GHz)
MacBook Air
Everex Cloudbook
    Satellite                   Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual core Athlon, Turion 64X2
    Satellite Pro                  Core 2 Duo (1.7~2.1GHz)    Turion 64 X2 (2.0GHz)
    Qosmino (not a series)              Core 2 Duo (1.8 GHz)
Pioneer, Dreambook Light IL1(SSD)              (Via C7-M 1.5GHz)

Extremely Low End
Norhtec, “Gecko”                    (Via C7)
Asus Eee PC
   Celeron M
   FingerGlide technology
Kohjinsha, SA series                  (AMD Geode processor LX800 [500MHz])
Elonex One                       * (educational) 300MHz CPU


Loser Notebook (5400RPM HDD)
Sony, Vaio CS (series)

Acer, Aspire SSD
                              -OS: Window XP, Linupus Linux Lite (Atom)
Kohjinsham,SX Atom Z520
Sungju, Tango Toy
TG Sambo, Averatec Buddy
JCHyun, Udea
Medion, Akoya Mini
LG (Netbook X110)
Gigabyte (M912X (tablet PC))

Lenovo Thinkpad T400
Lenovo Thinkpad X301, X200
Lenovo Thinkpad W500, W700, SL400
Lenovo Ideapad Y530

Acer, Aspire 4930-6862 (14”)
Acer, Aspire 6930-6771 (16”)
-both with integrated Intel WiMAX/Wi-Fi Link 5050 Series adapter

Toshiba, U405-ST550W (13.3”) link

Asus, M50Vm (5400RPM HDD)

WiBro (South Korean name for IEEE 802.16e international standard, aka Mobile WiMAX)

List of Hard Drive Technologies[edit]

Encryption, Security Implementation
Bull, Globull
    -CIK (Crypto Ignition Key) technology
    -keys stored in cryptographic processor only
    -cryptographic processor encrypt data at 100Mbp, using AES

Iomega, Camouflage 250GB [portable Hard-Drive]
     -DropGuard technology, protect from physical shock

Fujitsu & Phoenix Technologies (remote control capabilities)
     -Phoenix FailSafe technology [remotely protects & encrypt]
     -FDE [Fujitsus’, Full-Disk Encryption]

Radion Technology---StarRay [subsidiary] (S-series)
     -divide storage space into2 parts (public & encrypted) called X-Zone
     -3 options: software password, fingerprint, keypad password

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies & PMC-Sierra
     -SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) 6Gb/s chipset
     -include Tachyon SPC 8 * 6 SAS protocol controller
     -8 * 6 RAID-on-Chip controller

Western Digital, technology in GreenPower series
    -SATA drives (RE2-GP) WD Caviar GP 500GB
     -500GB~1TB (5 watts only)

     -entire series is Energy Star 4.0 compliant
     -IntelliPower, balance spin speed, transfer rate, and cache size for power savings
     -IntelliSeek (use to calculate optimum seek speeds to lower power consumption,noise
     and vibration)
-IntelliPark (lower power consumption by automatically unloading heads during idle to
    reduce aerodynamic drag)
    -Active Power Management, monitor the drives’ status and send it sleep whenever
    possible, when require disk recover from idle mode in less than 1 second
    -??uses IntelliPower caching algorithms

Typical hard drive require 13.5 watts