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I'm Randolf Richardson. I'm a Canadian who advocates for freedom, human rights, fair justice, science literacy, and critical thinking. Although my focus is primarily on Canada, ultimately my hope is for everyone throughout the world to have freedom complimented by fact-based secular education because I believe that freedom combined with literacy - particularly scientific literacy - leads to better quality living for everyone.

The Canadian atheists is an organization that I founded which has a primary focus of concern about rights, freedoms, and the general well-being of atheists in Canada and internationally. A key desire is for peaceful advocacy, and I'm happy to participate in public discourse as a means of engaging in what I call the "free exchange of ideas" as I believe the end result of this has the potential to accelerate progress.

Some of my personal interests include Chinese culture (specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Table Tennis, and Badminton), Computer programming (specifically Psychology applied to MMORPG creation, work with large Databases, cryptographic currencies {e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, etc.}, Assembly language programming, Perl software engineering, and the Java programming language), and, most of all, the beautiful forests and rivers here in British Columbia.

Another interest is reading, in general. I've read a variety of topics, mostly in books, but also in other formats available on the internet. The topics range from fantasy works such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to various business management, psychology and philosophy (including important titles like The Sibling Society, Unconsious Civilization, The God Delusion, and "god is not great - how religion poisons everything"), computer programming, plus a smattering of various scientific subjects.


In Canada, especially here in British Columbia, a diverse mix of cultures exists, which I believe is one of the greatest things about my country. Cultural diversity is advantageous to society because everyone gets many opportunities to learn about the world through a variety of perspectives, and from the convenience of home.

Advocacy for freedom and Canadian Charter Rights is important to me, and you can read more about my recent efforts on my personal web site:

I also take an active role in protecting my local community from safety hazards (e.g., malfunctioning railroad crossings, erratic and drunk drivers, spammers, etc.), and I have actively assisted people in need of various degrees of help. I also like to provide tips to tourists about nice things to see around town, volunteer some of my skills to various non-profit organizations, and I strive to contribute to a friendlier and happier society in other ways.

People who know me also know that I proactively encourage Good Samaritanism, discourage scams (including illegal MLM/Pyramid schemes) and other frauds (Canadian government services have proven to be a very helpful and high quality resource), voting freely in elections (genuine participation in our government system reminds politicians that people care about Canada), etc.


Book reviews have been moved to my personal web site at where I can have better control over content.

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Randolf Richardson -
Box #26208 - 8000 No. 3 Road
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
V6Y 2E0

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