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Internet Radio Project[edit]

The internet radio category and related articles need a mass cleanup. There's lots of articles that are free of content or all content is pasted directly from the station or show websites. There needs to be some way to decide if a station or show is deserving of a wikipedia article and there are currently are none. Currently internet radio related articles are deleted arbitrarily because of alexa ratings or simply because they are internet radio stations. If you would like to help us, use the talk page and check out our to-do list below.


WikiProject on internet radio


This WikiProject will attempt to coordinate activities of creating and maintaining articles about internet radio, internet radio stations, internet radio shows, and internet radio personalities. We will also attempt to influence policy on internet radio's inclusion in wikipedia.

How to help[edit]

Read the to-do list and join the discussion and contribute your thoughts and opinions.

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:Randomgenius/Internet Radio Project:
  • Establish notability guidelines for stations and shows
  • Establish guidelines for article formats
  • Establish category guidelines for stations and shows
  • Go through internet radio articles fix the good articles and weed out the ones that haven't met the minimum requirements
  • Create talk page templates for internet radio stations and shows
  • Create station infobox templates
  • Decide if the need exists for a show infobox template
  • Create stub templates for internet radio stations and shows
  • Increase to-do list