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Hello, I am Randomness2017. I give a lot of explanation to my edits because I really don't want them to be reverted. I will tell you why.

My Story

Back then I used an account called User:Matthi356. In the month of August 2015, I just kept editing without giving any reason. And so, almost all of them got reverted. I was warned that I would be blocked. I got so scared of that. It came to a point where I didn't even want to use it anymore. So the following month, I made an account called User:Something2015, but then I somehow forgot the password and I stopped using Wikipedia for a while. I went back to using Matthi356 again, and I just did edits like my normal edits today. Then in July 2017, I made this account because I didn't want to see my old edits in my edit history ever again. I am happy with this account, and I will continue to use it.