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Aug 2006 new article survey[edit]

Far East Russia, home of the fair isles of Raikoke and Shiashkotan.

Something a little different! Now I will review the first 20 articles to appear on the Special:Newpages list, clicked at about 6 pm AEST. The colours after the entry indicate whether they are 'RED' or 'BLUE' users, or whether or not they have a user page (a rough indicator of noobishness).

  1. Mehrdad Azimi Deleted. I clicked on it a moment ago though and it was about a 13 year old boy. RED
  2. Unspeakables set of characters in Harry Potter. Unwikified, poor punctuation. RED
  3. Constitutional documents Legal stub. Wikified, with footnotes. Might have some geographical bias. BLUE
  4. Suk tribe Note on usage of a name for a tribe. Unwikified. BLUE
  5. Raikoke Russian island. Wikified stub. BLUE
  6. Lisa Lassek Television editor. Wikified stub. BLUE
  7. Julie Sudiro Malaysian singer. Wikified stub, some problems with English. RED
  8. Authorised capital Stubby legal definition from same creator as Constitutional documents. BLUE
  9. Floyd, Texas. Tiny Texan community. So small it was missed by Rambot, apparently. Stub. BLUE
  10. Two Gentleman Of Verona Stubbity stubbity stub, since redirected to the actual title of the Shakespeare play. RED
  11. Jason Thomas 9/11 bit player. Partially wikified, mad at his innacurate portrayal in some movie that hasn't even been released yet. RED
  12. Canadian-Saudi relations self explanatory stub. If there's 300 countries in the world, how many articles like this will we end up with? BLUE
  13. Shiashkotan another Russian island by creator of Raikoke. BLUE
  14. Poom King Deleted. RED
  15. Laughing Wild Stubby play, by creator of Shakespeare mistitle. RED
  16. Società Italiana di Musica Moderna Stub on Italian music society. Wikified. BLUE
  17. Boredonline Internet forum with 2300 members. Unwikified. RED
  18. Merit, Texas Another small Texan town by same creator as Floyd, Texas. BLUE
  19. Rosyface shiner Species of fish in the standard format. RED
  20. Mohamed Benboubker Deleted. Created by user with same name. RED

Mar 2006 random article survey[edit]

The marsh wren

30 this time.

Eeny Meeny Miney Moe, childrens' verse. Stubby, tagged as cleanup.
Luna: A Novel, French novel. Stubby.
Green Party (disambiguation), disambiguation page. Probably incomplete.
Dunlap, Indiana, Rambot non-article.
Sorgun, Turkish district. Minimal stub.
Highland Distillers, Scotch distillery. Stubby with no international context.
Danny Lux, American composer. Stub.
Until Tomorrow, Australian TV program. Stub.
Spooky, Band. Stub, with irrelevant cruft insertion "Spooky Miller the show cat" at the end.
McFatter Vocational/Technical Center, high school. Substub, not wikified.
Dog River, disambiguation page.
1938 European Championship, disambiguation page.
Names of the demons, deals with Christian demons. Scholarly, but not quite encyclopedic in tone.
Thomas Dennis Company LLC, bus company. Substub.
Three Kings (disambiguation), disambiguation page.
Math for America, Two-year-old NPO. Short.
OCGA, disambiguation page.
John Semer Farnsworth, American spy. Good length but no references.
Cache Creek, Kern County, California, Geographical stub. At least it's not Rambot.
Davidsville, Pennsylvania, Rambot non-article.
Marsh Wren, bird species. Where do these all come from? Concise, no references.
Theudebald, early Frankish king. Short.
Ratdog, band. Short.
Petar Erdödy, 16th century Croatian figure. Stub.
Coordination game, Game theory article. Decent.
Unión Argentina de Rugby, sport administrative body. Short.
Hitohiro Saito, Aikido master. Okay, no references.
Ahmade Bate, Kurdish poet. Stub, but has references.
The Magic Box (film), British film. Substub with hardly any content.
Clarion call, mostly a dicdef. Marked as wikify and no categories.

Breakdown: oh dear.

27% Sports/entertainment/culture/cruft (let's not kid ourselves)
20% Disambiguations, definitions
20% Politics/humanities/organizations
13% Biographies
13% Geographical places
7% Science

No improvement since last time. In fact it appears to have gotten worse, with more and poorer stubs. This is hardly scientific though.

Jan 2006 random article survey[edit]

File:Ksmith goldenpalace com.jpg
Karolyne Smith, idiot

Twenty random articles accessed and described.

Chestnut Street Incident, a 1970s rock album.
Bridge World Standard, card game rules set.
Johnstown (town), New York, rambot article with minimal info.
Legacy support, computing term stub.
Mohammed Ragab Ahmad, African politician. Minimal stub.
Hipot, electricity term stub
Rune poem, long but messy language article
Environmentalist Agrarian Party, Albanian political party
Worshipful Company of Founders, British foundation. Short.
Hugh Nibley, a famous Mormon, decent length.
Christian Science Board of Directors, part of a religious organisation.
Delfo Cabrera, Argentine athlete
Haslet, short English cooking stub
Karolyne Smith, prominent internet idiot.
John Boydell, English historical figure.
New Rally-X, Video game. Short.
Henry Spelman, English historical figure stub.
Knox County, Nebraska, rambot article with no content at all.
Cicia, Fijian island stub.
Mary Malone, fantasy novel character.


30% Biographies
25% Sports/entertainment/culture/cruft (let's not kid ourselves)
20% Politics/humanities/organizations
15% Geographical places
10% Technology

Aug 2005 random article survey[edit]

None of these articles were about anime characters. I'm not sure of the significance of this.