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Ranma9617(who prefers to keep his real name a secret and is obviously talking on his user page in third person)is an anime fan(and Rite Aid employee of barely over a decade)who contributed info to assorted articles and has even created new ones(even non-anime ones, primarily on companies based in his native California as well as playing card manufacturers in Europe).Thanks to his efforts;not only do more individual seiyu have their own entries(including all 5 core female voice cast members of Sakura Wars:Chisa Yokoyama,Mayumi Tanaka,Urara Takano,Kumiko Nishihara,and Michie Tomizawa),but also Kappei-sama's entry has been expanded from not-even-a-stub to the detailed and organized article that it now is.Contrary to popular belief,he does not endorse vanity:he simply tries to be fair to all seiyu mentioned in at least one article. He'll even revert articles when he suspects vandalism, and sometimes will warn such vandals though infrequently. Of course, an anon vandal has struck this user page once or twice (even including personal attacks with it, unfortunately), but another fellow Wikipedian was kind enough to fix it...

A staunch inclusionist, he finds it alarming and disturbing that many deletion nominations(regardless of method)are pointy(many category deletion campaigns are based on this), based on dislike of the subject of the article), and/or based on popularity contests; all contrary to the true spirit of Wikipedia. In his eyes, notability is a rather unreliable measuring stick for deciding what goes in Wikipedia and what doesn't. In fact, many notability-safe articles(generally those dealing with science, nature, history, geography, commerce, politics, arts, mankind, everyday life, and other intangibles)suffer from some kind of sourcing and/or factuality issue. He's even caught a couple of wiki-hoaxes in the past. If everyone was focused on fixing the verifibility and reliability of the major articles instead of wrangling about the notability of an article's subject(s), then Wikipedia would be a lot less fractured. However, since both many contributors tend to be more skilled at creating new articles than he is and he tends to be busy in real life lately, he instead nowadays tends to focus on fixing existing articles as explained above(usually focusing on the little things);and as part of this, whenever he sees something shady in an article that can't be undone or reverted due to good faith edits mixed in, he's more likely to use a dispute template than a sourcing template since that latter type involves a little too much gray area. BTW, if he doesn't like the subject of the article, he doesn't view it; and there's one Japan-related Wiki-article that he has not viewed and doesn't ever want to. In his eyes, regardless of editing philosophy, the one golden rule of Wikipedia that precedes all is to exercise good faith though not all users follow it...

As U.S. television station articles are just one of his areas of focus, he can't quite comprehend some of the revert wars(i.e., counter-reverts, a.k.a. two users reverting each other's edits and sometimes even unilaterally accusing the other of vandalism)that have surfaced in some of those articles...

Occasionally, he'll edit foreign Wikipedias(ones not in English or Spanish)anonymously, manly to add interwiki links or to fix typos.Once he seriously learns a language or two,he'll consider registering on more foreign Wikipedias, though he has since registered on French, Spanish and Japanese Wikipedias(see below)...

Though he admits to being fairly rusty since being out of high school for over a decade, he did take 5 years of Spanish from 8th to 12th grade.He also longs to seriously learn the Japanese language if he ever has the time...

As you can tell, he's learned how to embrace userboxes(though the anime one doesn't yet exist on most foreign Wikipedias yet); and he wishes that there was one for those who own both a Nintendo DS and a PlayStation Portable(like himself who also owns the exact same game for both systems and has no opinion on one being better than the other. Speaking of userboxes, he has even created categories connected to existing userboxes connected to being fans of certain sports teams. Additionally, as he listens to just about any form of music except hip-hop, he'd also like to see one for any user who listens to music an any type of MP3 player(Ipod or not, as well as specific ones for there models such as the ZEN Vision W which he currently uses and occasionally watches downloaded fansubs on). Of course, whenever he does have the urge to listen to old-fashioned radio, it's usually either Jack FM/adult hits or sports radio. He'd love to see userboxes created for people who enjoy Japanese snacks and/or beverages(i.e., Pocky, Pretz, Milky, ramune, Calpis, etc.) and/or ones for fans of J-pop and/or specific Japanese musicians...

As much as he loves the Energizer Bunny commercials and its fake products(and wishes all the commercial were made available on DVD even though he hasn't seen all of them nor does he quite remember all the ones he has seen), he is thankful not to be a fan of Saturday Night Live after having the misfortune of accidentally catching some tasteless parody commercials within an episode or two(i.e., the fortunately non-existent Tylenol BM)...

Speaking of commercials(and though he's no beer drinker), he sometimes wonders if the oddball "Let's watch both!" TV sports made famous in the Miller Lite TV commercials(i.e., gourmet wrestling, full-contact golf) actually existed...

Some odd facts: He swears by Coca-Cola to the point that he's even tried a number of non-U.S. imported products of The Coca-Cola Company. Additionally, he prefers imported-from-overseas non-U.S. Kit Kat's(especially those made in Japan as he's into Japanese snacks); because even though Société de Produits Nestlé S.A.(successors to the original trademark owners, Rowntree Mackintosh)sublicenses the U.S.-only rights to The Hershey Company, he wisely believes that American-made Kit-Kats are bogus imitations...

Back to the subject of video games, he considers that the one game having the right to be truly called Super Mario Bros. 2 is the one known in North America as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels which was only available domestically on Super Mario All-Stars and as a hidden bonus in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. Transversely, he does not consider the game known in Japan as Super Mario Bros. USA a true canonical Super Mario game and avoids it with a passion...

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