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Crystal kthememgr.png This page is for extra userboxes that don't think should be on my userpage Crystal kthememgr.png

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More Userboxes
City of London logo.svgThis user lives in London.
:)This user is happy.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user is from Earth.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgThis user is proud to be British.
This user's favourite subject is Information Communication Technology.
This user was born in the year of the Rooster.Rooster.svg
Black pan with stir-fried vegetables (broccoli, onion, red pepper).jpgThis user enjoys cooking.
AOL logo.svgThis user's Internet service provider is AOL.
Laptop 01.svgThis user contributes using a laptop.
BBThis user contributes using a broadband connection.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.svgThis user enjoys rock music.
No pet.svgThis user is not a pet owner.
TORThis user is a fan of the
Toronto Blue Jays
TORThis user is a fan of the
Toronto Maple Leafs
Soccerball.svgThis user plays football with hands only when tending goals.
vn-1This user page has been vandalized once.
Mr rubber ducky.pngThis user has been approved by
Mr Ducky. Have you?
This user is proud
to be a Wikipedian.
500+This user has made more than 500 contributions to Wikipedia.
Butterfly rainbow colored.pngThis user uses MSN Hotmail as a primary email service.
FirefoxThis user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Crystal Clear app kcmdf.png This user supports userboxes .
Crystal kthememgr.svgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Userboxes.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svgThis user has a page on Wikimedia Meta-Wiki.
no adsThis user is against commercials in Wikipedia.

User:UBX/NASCAR Nextel Cup

Jacques-Louis David 007.jpgThis user is not and has never been Napoleon.
Food Userboxes
Potatoes.jpgThis user eats potatoes.
Carrots with stems.jpgThis user eats carrots.
CDC cuke2.jpgThis user loves to eat cucumbers.
Roast chicken.jpgThis user eats chicken.
Potato chips.jpgThis user eats fries, or chips.
Pizza.svgThis user loves to eat pizza.
Chocolate02.jpgThis user eats chocolate.
Popcorn.jpgThis user eats popcorn.
Oranges and orange juice.jpgThis user drinks orange juice.
New chocolate milk.JPG This user drinks chocolate milk.
itvThis user watches ITV.
itv3This user watches ITV3.

User:Keithgreer/User BBC One

4This user watches Channel 4.
M4This user watches More4.
This user's TV service provider is NTL.
This user's TV service provider is Freeview.
I-CPDTThis User is a Correspondent for the Iain Lee Show