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My name is Denny. I'm 68 and growing. Born at Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa.

My user name is RaqiwasSushi. It stands for my cat, a Persian who was originally my ex-wife's. This female cat was given to me since Hejduk got a better offer and my ex was moving somewhere that did not allow pets. The animal's original name was Sushi. Not comfortable for many reasons. That it is food trumps, anything else. I discussed this with Sushi. She said 'meow' and didn't scratch me. We went on.

Iran was in the news that day, and since Iran is current-day Persia, decided to use Iran as a starting point for this Persian cat. But I came up with Raqi. Again she didn't bite or scratch. Apparently I confused Iran with Iraq. Maybe I didn't like Rani and per 'Blink,' switched roads. Could have checked into Mesopotamia for more options. NAH.

Sushi officially changed her name to Raqi. Many years later, she's still OK with it... and with me.

In 2015, became actively involved with Current Events page

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In recognition of your extraordinary and continuous contributions at Portal:Current events. Spirit Ethanol (talk) 06:18, 21 February 2016 (UTC)