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About me[edit]

I work at home in Tucson, Arizona, subscribe to The New York Times (sometimes I'm several days behind reading it), made a good living buying property Tax liens and selling the (usually) vacant land I obtain through foreclosing the liens. (I do the foreclosures myself.) Sometimes I have to take tranquilizers for anxiety. Sometimes that anxiety is caused by editing on Wikipedia like the contention on articles like Acharya S (especially this) and Cultural Marxism (yes, the page was deleted and reverted to an obscure article no one cares about see, Draft:Cultural_Marxism). See my Talk page for other contentious issues with Wikipedia. Oftentimes the contention/anxiety is so much, I'll stay off Wikipedia for the rest of the day.

Articles I follow closely[edit]

999 Page watches today[edit]


Cultural Marxism link. New link to [Cultural Marxism]

List of popular Wikipedia pages, 2014

Bucky Fuller

1111 watched pages (on my watchlist)! (2 Feb 15)