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My online nickname is RattleMan. I was born in Colorado, USA in 1987. While I was living in Colorado, I began to get interested in hurricanes by watching such disasters as Hurricane Andrew unfolding in 1992, Andrew being about the first storm I remember vividly. In 1996 moved to Phoenix, Arizona, one of the most driest places in the United States. I love learning about history and watching documentaries. I am a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, having played the first game back in 1991. Currently, the tropics are one of my bigger interests, and I began editing Wikipedia in July 2005 after being directly affected by 2005's Tropical Storm Arlene while on vacation.


Using Firefox, you can use Bookmarks to easily type in a keyword into the address bar and you will be taken there immediately. Open up Firefox's Bookmarks window, and create a new Bookmark with the following attributes:

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ehs Allows you to go to a specified Pacific hurricane season, e.g. "ehs 2000".
wts Allows you to go to a specified Pacific typhoon season, e.g. "wts 2000".
nics Takes you to the List of North Indian cyclone seasons page.
shcs Takes you to the List of Southern Hemisphere cyclone seasons page.
whur Takes you a specified hurricane's article, e.g. "whur Katrina".
w.TS Takes you a specified Tropical Storm's article, e.g. "w.TS Allison".
wty Takes you a specified typhoon's article, e.g. "wty Longwang".
wcy Takes you a specified cyclone's article, e.g. "wcy Tracy".
dvo Takes you to the Dvorak chart for easy viewing.