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Hi, I'm based in the UK, in Greater London.

Current interests[edit]

My current interests are genealogy, history - especially economic history, text retrieval technology, natural language processing. I have researched at the National Archives in Kew on old Admiralty records for some time.


My background includes electronic circuit design, programming (Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic .NET), college lecturer (Communications, microelectronics, IT, software engineering), industrial training, serial entrepreneur, director. I am a professional engineer (MIET), with a patent in electronics field, member BCS and IOD.


History Connections[edit]

Text Retrieval Connections[edit]

TO DO[edit]

  • Manby Mortar article  :notes
  • BRS/Search research :notes
  • Dennett Rocket 1826+ :notes
  • Edward Mourier Boxer :notes
  • MEDLARS (information retreival):notes
  • Boxer Rocket 1865+