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My name is Ray and I live in Sydney, Australia, but was born and grew up in Hertfordshire, UK. I first started contributing to Wikipedia in September 2005.

I used the Wikipedia name Rayd8 for privacy reasons until February 2007 when I was persuaded (against my better judgement!) to use my real name.

I am an astrophysicist, but prefer not to write Wikipedia articles on that as it's too much like work (although I'm happy to help out where necessary). Instead, most of my work in Wikipedia tends to be around the culture of Indigenous Australians, especially Aboriginal Art and Aboriginal Astronomy, and issues facing Indigenous Australians today .

New articles that I have started[edit]

Articles to which I have substantially contributed[edit]

Other useful pages (listed here for my own reference!)[edit]

My to-do list[edit]

  • Write section on 'assimilation' in Indigenous Australians
  • write article on Darling Mills Creek
  • Write articles on Mundoes, Kuwema, Boorong
  • Flesh out articles on Arnhem Land, bark painting, stone arrangements
  • Move all my pics into Wikimedia and make licensing consistent
  • Write Bill Harney article (on both of them with disambiguation)
  • Write longer article on Australian Rock Art, including kakadu paintings etc.
  • Write article on Panaramitee engravings

Images which I have contributed[edit]