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My name is Ray Tomes and I live in New Zealand. I am interested in the Interdisciplinary study of Cycles and am the originator of the Harmonics theory explaining structure scales in the universe and common patterns in cycles. Home page: Harmonics Theory Blogs:: On cycles: Wobbly Universe On politics/economics/social issues Just Thinking Photography/Art/Travel/etc Shot Alive also my stuff in StumbleUpon Flickr.

My other interests include Vipassana meditation and related matters.

Pages I have created on Wikipedia:

and probably lots of others

Pages I have contributed to on Wikipedia

and probably lots of others

There have been problems with cycles related material in wikipedia. Several people have taken it upon themselves to try and butcher, merge or delete all articles relating to cycles. This is very sad for people that want to learn about cycles. These things have often been done in violation of wikipedia policy. I have continued to do battle and will keep using every channel to try and get a good result. I have written about this Is Wikipedia Broke? in my blog which I update from time to time. I hope that eventually I am able to report that it is fixed.