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Hello. I am Rayc, electrical engineering grad student out of Wisconsin.

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Pages done[edit]

I also work on stub sorting and wikifying, and hope to form a Wikipedia:Wikiproject Nebraska one day.

NEODyS list personal wikiproject[edit]

Total number of observatories on list: 1185 List: [1] Number of stubs done+ no information found: 50 Percent complete: 4.21%

[2]check [3] [4]


Scrach page from other Ips[edit]

High Schools in disambig pages..polyc Category:Category needed Nebraska Legislature Telex Thiotimoline [5]-look into Bot that bolds first mention, delate user names and adds catneeded Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Bjørnøya Wikipedia:Bounty board List of Bishops of the United Methodist Church Michael Cudahy (electronics) <--check on this Eutychus <--needed, see acts 20:9 Sorting photos and cats?

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