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Hi, I am Raziman T V. I was born in Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Currently I am a post-doctoral researcher in Photonics at TU Eindhoven. I am a sysop on Malayalam Wikipedia. Here I usually do only counter-vandalism stuff and article tagging most of the time. I hope to be able to write an FA some day.....

My Wiki life[edit]

Perhaps it would be a nice idea to read this section before commenting on my contributions

  • From what I see, English Wikipedia works radically different from Malayalam Wikipedia. So some things that I do entirely out of habit may not conform to the custom here.
  • I assume good faith, but to a limit. When a user does cross-wiki vandalism throwing expletives at an admin, I assume bad faith.
  • I tag A LOT OF articles for speedy deletion. Soxred's counter says that a large fraction of my edits have got deleted. So perhaps I am a deletionist. I cannot stand utter nonsense coming on Wikipedia. Agreed that Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia. But I do believe that it would be a good idea to ponder whether Britannica's 20,000 page music special edition would ever have an article about your band before writing the same over here.
  • While speedy tagging I try to make sure that what could be kept is kept. A one line article that does not even try to explain why the subject might get a keep vote at the AFD will be tagged, even if it is about Barack Obama.
  • I feel that CSD criteria should appear to more things, such as books which do not make any claim of significance
  • I do get frustrated at vandals but that is usually momentary. What I can't stand is a good editor - even a great editor - leaving wiki forever after getting hurt. Whoever be the reason for this - whether it is myself, a vandal, a troll or another editor - a part of me will hate you
  • I feel that you should read this whenever you get angry
  • If you feel like I should write or edit an article, please ask me

Getting into articles[edit]

Currently I am on one article on Wikipedia (I doubt its notability anyways). Sometimes while I do newpage patrolling and tag a lot of articles for CSD A7, I feel I should make an article about myself - At least I have appeared in more reliable third party sources (Try Google Search). Then I ditch the idea as it is only a matter of time before someone else writes about me....

Articles I started[edit]