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Welcome to my Userpage!  Welcome to my Userpage!
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Hello! Welcome to my userpage! I hope you find this page informative and helpful in your quest to learn more about me and my edits here on the English Wikipedia. I have made over 16,000 edits here on the English Wikipedia, have gotten 8 barnstars and made 40 articles here on the English Wikipedia. If you would like some help in any area of the English Wikipedia, feel free to ask me on my talk page.

My Wikipedia interests[edit]

I am interested in creating geography-related stub articles for countries like Switzerland, Romania, France, and the United States (Wisconsin, mainly). I create stubs for Wisconsin towns, villages, and cities that have not yet been created. I also create stubs for rivers in Romania, Hungary, and several other countries, as well as the United States.

I am very interested in creating stub articles on several other fields of study, such as physics (Gravitation is my physics-related stub), mathematics (mainly numbers and such), and for asteroids.

If you would like to request an article for me to create that falls into these interests, please let me know on my talk page :).

This userpage was made by RyanCross. I thank him for the work he put into it!

Committed Identity[edit]

Committed identity: DAB6910E4FE8A7C68FD495279A813EAD13A6D67A is a SHA-1 commitment to this user's real-life identity.


Current editing statistics[edit]

# Namespace Edit count Percentage of edits
1 Article 8513 48.07%
2 Talk 641 3.62%
3 User 432 2.44%
4 User talk 7332 41.40%
5 Wikipedia 744 4.20%
6 Wikipedia talk 26 0.15%
7 File 1 0.01%
8 Template 13 0.07%
9 Help 1 0.01%
10 Category 2 0.01%
11 Category talk 2 0.01%
12 Portal 3 0.02%
13 Portal talk 1 0.01%
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