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Note: These are just jokes. Please DON'T use them on any mainline articles—you are free to either put one on your userpage or get banned! Be warned that there may be spelling or grammar mistakes, in which case, feel free (but not obliged) to fix them. Also, It should be known that anything critical of Wikipedia or derisive of any place or group of people on the tags is merely joking.
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Most shirts are designed to be worn. For other uses, please see Shirts (disambiguation).



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This article requires a nuke.*

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Every once in a great while, an article becomes so poor in quality that it no longer is recognizable as an article, just as this template is no longer recognizable as a Style Template. When an article drops to this level, it is recommend that the article is nuked. Just like the New Mexico desert, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Enewetak, Marshall Islands, this article would actually be in better shape if it didn't exist. However, if it didn't exist, then Jimbo would be mad. So instead, we recommend that the article be nuked, or completely rewritten. (down to the last punctuation mark!) If possible, please nuke this article. It may take a long time, and it may be almost as bad as the old version, and you may cry and end up destroying your computer, and the article will probably be radioactive afterwards*, but please Be bold, do it, you will get a yummy cookie, and Jimbo will be so like "Yay!" SO DO IT!



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