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Dear everyone,

As has become obvious, for the present I am, alas, entirely inactive, as extra-wiki obligations and involvements have eclipsed — gradually, then suddenly – my activities here. I will therefore not be able to respond to requests for assistance or participate in community affairs for the foreseeable future. I remain entirely attached to the project and committed to its aims, and I count myself lucky to have been present for what I believe were its most critical formative years. I miss you all, and I hope to return in due time.

Yours faithfully,

Dan Smith
7 October 2012

I contributed to the English Wikipedia from 2003 until 2010. I was an administrator and a bureaucrat of this project, as well as a steward of the Wikimedia Foundation projects, for much of this time.

  • commons - I have taken a few photos, which the folks at the Wikimedia Commons are deleting gradually for sport. My gallery now has some blank spots.
  • meta - I was a steward of the Wikimedia Foundation projects.

I am not currently able to respond to wiki-related requests and am not monitoring my talk pages at this wiki or at meta. For urgent or private matters please use e-mail instead.