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I've used this account as a WikiGnome since 2004—I edited anonymously before that. In 2010 I published Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia, a book about Wikipedia's historical roots, collaborative culture, and much debated legacy. That same year I reconstructed Wikipedia from its first ten thousand edits. You can read more about my work at my home page.

I'm working on a collection of essays for Wikipedia's upcoming 20th birthday.

My Wikipedia biography is lacking, and I've provided some verified factoids that could be used to improve it. Feel free to e-mail me.

Years ago, I facilitated a Wikipedia-related reading group at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard.

Most of my recent activity has been shepherding student contributions within an online communities course. Students post Questions, Insights, and Comments in response to readings, write or extend articles, and reflect on their experiences as nascent Wikipedians, as you can see in the course pages:

I'm sad the article on "Failed Predictions" was deleted: it is interesting and instructive and I keep a copy here.


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