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As I wrote in the post "Not notable: Dead to Wikipedia", I was disappointed with the quality the Joseph M. Reagle Jr. biography but abstained from editing it myself; in 2015 it was deleted for lack of notability. I then provided some verifiable factoids that someone could use if the article was resurrected, which it has been, but the biography is still lacking; the following material could help to improve the existing article.



The W3C People page documents:

  • Reagle worked at the W3C/MIT from 1996-2003.
  • Reagle chaired various security, privacy, and policy working groups within the W3C. He was a co-chair XML Signature and XML Encryption working groups and also edited the specifications [1] [2]. The XML Signature work also entailed moving the work through the IETF as seen in these minutes
  • Reagle oversaw the development of W3C trademark, patent, and copyright licenses. This is corroborated in an OSI request. He also worked on an "Analysis of P3P and US Patent 5,862,325" [3]
  • During this time he was listed as one of the "Innovators Under 35" in 2002.



Selected bibliography[edit]


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Selected media interviews and mentions[edit]

Reagle has a list of his interviews, some of which include.