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miranda is[1] a user[2][3] on English Wikipedia since January 14, 2007,[4] where she is most active.[5] She is not an administrator,[6] but is a trusted copyeditor[7] with rollback.[8] Twinkle and huggleless, she has contributed[9] good and featured content,[10] made many many graphics,[11] reviewed some articles,[12][13] and designed Neil's awesome page[14][15][16] and a RFA thanks template.[17][18] A lover of society[19] and ANTM[20] (not drama),[21] she participates in topics related to her interests and uploads many famous (and non-famous) pictures to Wikimedia Commons, a free media resource. Nearly (or barely) active with all of the projects presented by the Wikimedia Foundation, she is an exopedist[22] Frequently speaking her mind when issues matter the most,[23] she is the epitome of coolness.[24] Other than being an avid Simpsons fan and an expert scrapbooker, her interests[25] are random.[26] Her contributions are under CC-BY-SA 3.0, and her sock's name is adnarim. If you have any questions for her, leave a comment[27] by clicking new section[28] on her talk page[29] or via e-mail.[30]

Basic summary of this page for visual people. (circa June 2008)[16]
  1. ^ sometimes, people mix her up with Matilda, or anything else beginning with an m
  2. ^ who used to be known as Real96
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  10. ^ my old userpage is located at that link, along with general talk rules
  11. ^ No more requests please!
  12. ^ and helped copyedit some articles (including Cscr-featured.svg Natalie Holloway)
  13. ^ With GA reviewing, I learned that Debian is not Ubuntu.
  15. ^ and somehow designed NonvocalScream's me likey page while first drafting for Neil's AWESOME...AWESOME...AWESOME... page
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    Person Two: No, you shut the fuck up!
    Person One: {{indefblocked}}
    Person Three: (to Person Two): Why did you block Person One? I am going to ANI to tattle on your ass!
    ...and the story goes on...
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