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Facts about RealMontrealer[edit]

Michael's a Mutt!
Part German
Part German
Part Quebecois
Part Quebecois
Part English
Part English
Part Italian
Part Italian
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All Canadian!

Name: Michael Berthold.
  Fun Fact: My full, legal name is Michael John Robert Sinclair-Berthold.

Birthplace and Birthdate: I was born at the Montreal General Hospital on July 30 1977.
  Fun Fact: My Mom was 15, and my Dad was 16 (almost 17) when I was born. They later married and
  my brother and sister came along.... and they are still together and very much in love. Awesome!

Current City: Saint-Hubert, borough of Longueuil; a suburb of the wonderful city of Montreal. Montrealflag2.gif
  Fun Fact: McDonald's closed their franchise here when the workers voted to unionize back in 1997.

Province: The superb province of Quebec. Flag of Quebec.svg
  Fun Fact: The name originates from the Mi'kmaq word for "strait" and environs of today's Quebec City.

Country: The incredible country of Canada. Flag of Canada.svg

Love: Sandra Lazaro, whose parents come from the Azores. Flag of the Azores.svg
  Fun Fact: We've been going out since December 14 2000!

I don't really edit on Wikipedia anymore... it's gotten a little too sanctimonious lately. For example, most people enjoy the trivia/pop culture references in articles, but because the elitist clique that runs things here decrees that encyclopediae shall not evolve, these sections are hunted down and destroyed.

Wasn't the entire point of this project to come together to a democratic consensus on what the encyclopedia contributed by all for all would become? Not on the clique's watch, apparently.

The Everywhere Girl fiasco was another event that dissauded me from contributing. Again, the clique decided what the dull normals shall be allowed to read and write about. I still enjoy reading Wikipedia - the vast majority of contributors are good people and the articles are as always excellent. I simply decry the loss of the sense of adventure this site had - where people weren't afraid to try new things because the very nature of Wikipedia invited discussion and consensus on whether the new thing was a good thing or a bad thing.

Now, rules are arbitrarily enforced. I don't think that's any sort of improvement.

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